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KENTUCKY RIFLE - "S * Miller" - Carved

This is a fantastic carved longrifle by Simon Miller from Berks County, PA. Wonderfully engraved and pierced, four-piece patchbox, 16 beautiful silver inlays, including a flying eagle under the cheekpiece and half-moon inlays on both sides of forestock holding the barrel keys. Nicely signed in script, "S * Miller." Big, rifled bore, 41" barrel, converted to percussion, probably breech cut an inch or two. Curly maple fullstock, brass wear plate, striped ramrod, excellent condition, overall. However, there is a small dent in the comb and the front of the trigger guard sticks out a bit. Thanks for looking.

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Utensils, Bone, pewter, hardwood.

Pre Civil War utensils, (18) 3 prong, (1) 2 prong, (3) 4 prong, (7) knives.

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Engraved Over and under rifle shotgun RJT# 3310-37 -

Model: double rifle /shotgun Serial Number: 947 Year of Manufacture: Ca. 1840-50 Caliber: Rifle .36 and the shotgun bore 16 ga. Action Type: cap lock Markings: The top of the barrel is marked J. O. Robson Buffalo Cast Steel 947, Left side plate is engraved scroll work and marked "Buffalo", Right side plate engraved with scroll work and marked "J.O. Robson" Butt Plate and patch box on the butt is also engraved. Barrel Length: 29 inches Sights / Optics: Rear sight is Leihigh Valley style. Pin in a dove tail front sight. Stock Configuration & Condition: Straight grip with crescent butt plate. Type of Finish: Oiled Finish Originality: yes Bore Condition: Rifle bore strong rifling clean bright with some pitting. Shotgun bore Clean with minor pitting. Overall Condition: The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good condition. Mechanics: excellent Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None Our Assessment: The stock has be cracked at the wrist but has been stabilized. The hammers have been rebuild and fitted to the locks. The metal show some pitting but has a smooth feel. The nipples have been replaced and has been fired. Larger pictures at

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Original antique hunting pouch and powder horn RJT# 3137

Original dated 19th century American hunting bag. The bag is made of what I believe to be home tanned goat hide, lined with homespun linen and sewn with heavy thread. It is a gusset bag with welted seams. The front flap has an embossed square pattern with a black heart sewn on in the center. The heart has the date 1868 hand stitch into it and above that what appears to be initials. There is a smaller pocket on the bag under the flap and it is Linen lined as well. Originally there was a belt tongue under the flap to fasten it down, it is missing but the buckle portion remains. The very old leather shoulder strap is very dry and delicate. The buckle that it fastens to is hand forged and quite finely made. If you wanted to the strap could be easily replaced with an old belt. Included is a Shot flask, a powder horn with an adjustable measuring spout, and brass butt cap and a hand made shot pouch with wooden spout and stopper. It still has shot in it. The Bag is 10" wide x 10" high, horn is 10" long. All parts with fine old patina. As all pouches of this era it is a display piece only, it would not stand up to any use. I have not seen one of these original bags for sale in 20 years, but this year I found two. The dating and monogram on this one makes it pretty special though. If they could talk, just imagine the stories they might tell. Bigger pictures at

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Original .38 cal Plains rifle. maker Spies RJT# 3314-41 -

Model: Plains rifle Serial Number: none Year of Manufacture: Ca. approx. 1840 Caliber: .38 Action Type:Cap lock Markings: The top of the barrel is marked C. Bates Hammer and plate is engraved with scroll work and plate is marked "Spies" Barrel Length: 31 Inches Sights / Optics: Rear peep sight and globe front sight appear vintage to the gun. Stock Configuration & Condition: Perch belly very good plus Type of Finish: Grey patina Finish Originality: original Bore Condition: Very strong, clean and no pitting. Overall Condition: The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good condition. Mechanics: excellent Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None Our Assessment: A very nice plains rifle. Poured pewter nose cap. Stock has no chips cracks or breaks. Single trigger. Good wood to metal fit. Ready to shoot. Very minor external pitting near the nipple, the rest of the barrel is smooth. Overall length 47 inches. Bigger pictures at

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10 ga. William Moore double barrel muzzleloader RJT# 3304-31

Barrels are 27 inches long. Overall length of the gun is 43 inches. Barrels are 10 gauge. Externally, the barrels are brownish gray in color with fairly smooth surfaces with no pitting around the breech area. Platinum blowout plugs are present on each breechplug. Barrel wedge is surrounded by steel oval escutcheons which are lightly engraved. The walnut stock has a straight grip wrist which is checkered as is the forend. Some wear exists on checkering of both areas. Stock otherwise is smooth and sound with very nice figure in the buttstock area. Front action lock mechanisms are line border engraved on each side. Locks are engraved WILLIAM MOORE & Co. Engraving is very nice on both sides. Engraving is present on the matching hammers. Locks click up nicely. Stock is mounted with iron furniture including the buttplate, triggerguard and ramrod entry thimble. All these parts are engraved. Overall condition is very good plus. Bigger picture at

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Signed J McCamant Wellsburg, Brooke Co, WV

The signature is mostly legible but there is no doubt the rifle is by James McCamant. In need of some restoration this rifle has retained all its silver inlays except 1 (forestock escutcheon), was cracked and glued through the buttstock, lost a few inches of barrel AT THE MUZZLE (35 inches now), and has suffered from lots of use. The lock does not work. BUT, it has several engraved silver inlays, and beautiful engraved openwork patchbox, and a signed barrel. It is worthy of restoration! email me for more pictures. See other antique Kentucky rifles at This and other rifles will be on display at the 30th Annual Virginia-Kentucky rifle mini show in Front Royal, VA Oct 24 & 25. Click on events on my website for more info. SOLD 10/18/14

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Pocket Pistol

Offered is a late 18th Century brass cannon barreled pistol. Several collectors and colleagues have surmised that it is likely an 'apprentice' gun since we can find no discernible markings. It is likely English or Irish in origin. The hand-checkering on the grip is in excellent condition as is the entire piece. It mics at .50 cal. smoothbore and has a frizzen-lock sliding safety. I daresay that it is at least museum-quality. Let me know if there are any specific photos you would like to see. Asking $1150 including shipping to lower 48. Thank you so much for looking.

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Relief Carved Longrifle by John Bonewitz - signed "IB"

Here's a magnificent, relief carved longrifle by John Bonewitz. Fabulous "Womelsdorftown" patchbox, beautifully engraved silver star cheekpiece inlay, engraved silver thumbpiece, barrel signed "IB" with rampant lion at breech, gorgeous engraved toeplate, early, beveled sideplate. Also relief carved around and behind tang; forestock moulding, too. Re-converted with a "Ditchburn" lock. Some small wood replaced around the lock, one long sliver missing on backside of forestock, old-time repair at muzzle cap. Barrel has been re-browned while in the gun and possibly some touch-up on the original stock finish. Overall length is nearly 58" and barrel is 43" long. Big smoothbore. Original ramrod with a worm. It has always been my opinion that this gun was carved by Peter Berry, jr. in collaboration with John Bonewitz. See Kindig's book for VERY similar carving on a Peter Berry rifle. However, other knowledgeable collectors who own similar and better Reading rifles have suggested that Berry stocked and built this gun circa 1800 using slightly earlier Bonewitz hardware. Either way, this is a wonderful gun. Note the horns on the sideplate (a Berry or Fichthorn feature) and the positioning of the patchbox (a Berry feature). Lowered price 10-12-14.

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Civil War Flask

Offered is a Frary, Benham & Co. flask from 1840-60 in excellent and usable condition. There are no seam splits and hanging rings are intact. It is missing the spout lever spring, but this is easily replaced. This flask from a well respected maker is as nice as you will find anywhere. Forced to sell due to loss of job and I must raise funds. It is offered for $275.00 OBO including shipping to the lower 48.

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