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Antique Shot Pouch

Very nice antique shot pouch. $45. plus $6.80 priority shipping.

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Signed JW Rinehart Lexington, Missouri ca 1850

Yes, John W Rinehart worked in Hampshire County WV but he moved out to Missouri in 1852 and continued making rifles. This is one he made not long after moving. It was broken through the wrist and repaired. A couple minor losses along the forestock; otherwise in excellent condition with 4 engraved silver inlays. It has a nice old surface with excellent curly maple. More pictures available.

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Forged Copper Grease Pot (original)

Copper grease pot, used to melt grease to put on traps and such. 3" X 7" X 3.5"

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Beautiful carved inlaid original French fusil mid 18th century

This is a very beautiful and all original unrestored French fusil made in Paris in roughly 1750. It has very beautiful rococo carving, engraving and inlays. The butt appears to have been slightly extended at the time that it was converted to percussion. This gun was made by LeCompde in Paris. I have more photos available on request. A very beautiful and supreme example of gun making art. Buyer will pay packaging / insurance / shipping charges in addition to sale price.

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Kentucky Rifle Attributed to Henry Gibbs

This attractive rifle is almost certainly the work of Henry Gibbs from Lancaster County, PA, but it is unsigned. 41" barrel stretched at the breech, 56" long overall, 1 1/2" wide butt, approx. .50 caliber. The forearm was restored from the rear thimble forward. A period forearm with a two-line molding (that I found at the Princeton show years ago) was used and it fits great! Original thimbles used (they were attached to the bottom of the barrel when it was cut to a halfstock). Beautifully engraved patchbox and sideplate. Converted to percussion, but still with its very nice flint lockplate. Curly maple.

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Original Half Stock Percussion Rifle

This rifle has no makers name on it but was probably made in Ohio or Indiana. The barrel is by Remington and is marked on the side of the barrel. Many gunsmiths of the late 19th century used barrels from Remington which could be ordered direct or purchased in larger hardware stores at the time. The barrel is 31" long and 1" across the flats. It is in .38 caliber which was a common size. It was measured at the time as 80 balls per pound. Big enough for deer and good for smaller game as well. The stock is walnut and is not bad for the age. It has a replaced piece behind the hammer at the tang and there are two age cracks on the left side. There is a poured pewter nosecap. The ramrod is a replacement. The lock is by Goulcher and works great. The triggers work fine as well but are missing the adjustment screw. It has a new nipple but the drum should be tightened up if you plan to shoot it. The bore is very good with good rifling and is very shootable. Overall a very nice gun. Weight is 9 lbs 9 oz. Pull is 13". More pictures of this gun and others can be found at

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Acorn Finial Patchbox Hampshire County Flintlock rifle

The piercings on the upper and lower plates to the patchbox are unusual on this rifle. The silver ring on the cheek piece is common but desirable. The surface is untouched with nice curly maple. The gunsmith re-used a trigger guard from another rifle as well as a converted lock (now reconverted to flintlock). The barrel is full length, 39 inches. Diminutive in scale, this rifle was likely made for a young lad or a lady. Unrestored, this rifle has a wonderful surface, light weight, and a real bargain. email me for more pictures.

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Lehigh Flintlock Longrifle attributed to Young

This slender and well-balanced longrifle is attributed to one of the Youngs of Northampton County. It is unsigned. Lehigh or Northampton features, typical engraved cheekpiece inlay, and beautifully engraved eagle finial on the patchbox. 39" barrel. Forestock expertly restored (from rear thimble forward) with matching molding and striping. Bid your price or buy-it-now and view more pictures here:

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Looking for the furniture to this Jaeger

I bought this original Jaeger rifle a couple years ago. The gentleman that I had purchased the rifle from had already sold off the original brass parts from it but had a set of castings made from the originals, which I was able to use to have it restored. I would love to find the original brass parts from this gun to return it to it's original condition. Thanks!

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.

18th Century American Snuff Box

Original, 18th Century American snuff box in very good condition. It exhibits quality construction techniques as well as neatly done wiggle engraving. The wiggle engraving was a very common style of engraving used in the 18th Century and this one is done with 2 adjacent smoking pipes above a pitcher and what appears to be 2 drinking glasses. The box also has a nicely executed border to tie it all together. It is in extremely nice condition, having basically no wear to the brass box itself or the engraving, the hinge is in perfect tact and the clasp holds the lid closed properly. The dimensions are 2 7/8" long by 2 1/8" wide and 1" thick. For additional photos please visit our website and go to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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