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Fantastic Original Bag and Horn

This is a great homespun bag with an original 18th Century horn attached to it. The strap looks to be harness leather, that is adjustable using an iron buckle. The bag appears to possibly be made from an old feed bag, stitched together and outfitted with the horn. The horn has fantastic form and workmanship. It features a hard pine plug with an iron staple, great color, perfect form with a nice curve and twist and a very nicely executed spout with extremely well done carvings. The two carved bands where the strap is attached are interesting, one is a nice round band, while the other has a diamond faceted type design. The spout is then carved with a very nice bulb design. The horn measures about 17″ on the outside curve, making it a very nice size horn. The bag and strap are fragile, as they are old and worn. The horn however, is in great shape for its age, and is almost completely air tight still!

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Original Iron Tinder Box w/ Bag by Autumn Coleman

A very rare find! An original iron tinder box. The box was purchased from an antique dealer in the East. The box appears to be a one piece bottom and top. The box measures 3 and one quarter inches long by 2 and one half inches wide and has traces of a paint perhaps? and is well worn throughout. The kit also includes a hand sewn brain tan Antelope pouch by Autumn Coleman (grand daughter) of the Sibley's. The quality is as you would expect, excellent! (the smallest stitches I have seen) The bag is also beaded on the top edge and secures with a pig hide wang. The kit also includes a forged striker (maker unkown) but really sparks, a flint piece, and linen tow. Thank you for looking. Shipping is $15 additional for the cont. US only please.

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5 layer (uncerqulated condition) Chevron bead

Outstanding condition, this bead will make one fantastic addition to your accouterments, and or collection. The bead measures 2" 1/4" Certified check or money order+ $5.95 priority mail.

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Eight Fabulous Kentucky Rifles

I have eight wonderful Kentucky rifles for sale. They range in price from $5,000 to $45,000. I'll happily send you pictures, but you owe it to yourself to see these in person, if you are interested in buying one. Dickert & Gill (beautifully signed, 48" barrel, flint) $8500, Abraham Schweitzer (beautifully signed, relief carved, percussion) $7500, Frederick Sell (fowler, relief carved, percussion) $5000, Simon Miller (beautifully signed, carved, percussion) $5500, John Bonewitz (signed w/initials, relief carved, flint) $13000, Wolfgang Haga (black, relief carved, percussion) $35000, Jacob Kuntz (beautifully signed, relief carved, flint, ex-Kindig) $45000, John Brooks (beautifully signed, relief carved, flint) $8000.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.7/30/2015
Beautifully Signed William Reynolds GreenBriar Co WV

Born in 1789 William Reynolds was actively working as a gunsmith in Lewisburg during the flintlock era. He created a singular style and was an excellent metal worker and engraver. This rifle is in nice old condition with some damage to the patchbox lid and some minor loses along the forestock. It is stocked in walnut and retains an old finish. The rifled .40 cal barrel is 42 inches long. Photos pending

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Unsigned Adam Evick, Franklin, WV Ca 1810

Here is a nice early Adam Evick rifle in unrestored condition. It was originally a flintlock but changed to percussion in the 1830's. The barrel was shortened to 33 inches but retains its rifling about .45 cal. It has a nice old surface and has never been cleaned. The brass patchbox is typical of Evick's work. There is a silver 8-point star in the cheekpiece. It has nice curly maple with a pleasing patina. Please see other antique Kentucky rifles on my website

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Susquhanock fishing net weights (original)

Fishing net weights picked up along the Susquhana River around the 1950's All pictured

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Percussion Longrifle, Nice Wallhanger, Dated "1888"

Nice fullstock with a cheekpiece and toeplate, dated on the sideplate. Old barrel, but not original to the gun; nails through the lugs holding it to the stock. Broken tang, patent breech, 36" barrel. Lock and double-set triggers work, but hammer is not the best fit and it is cracked. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 8-3-15.

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Original Powder Horn with Strap and Measure

This is a very nice, original powder horn that is already set up to carry with your bag. It has a beautiful curve and twist that fits perfectly on your right hand side and snugs in tight to the body. The horn is about 14″ on the outside curve, and features a nicely decorated spout. The color is great and the overall form of the horn is spot on. The horn comes equip with an adjustable leather strap that features an iron buckle, as well as an 85 grain powder measure. The measure, which was made by Circle M horns, has beautiful style and decoration which just adds to the neatness of this setup. For additional photos, please visit our website and got to CURRENT SPECIALS.

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Original Beadwork

Original beadwork piece - 14 inches around & 4 inches deep/tall. Appears to be sewn with sinew; not sure what it was made for, but looks to have been wrapped around something. For its age the leather is in good condition. $120.00 plus shipping.

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