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Antique .36 cal. rifle

For sale, right handed half stocked rifle, .36 cal, 32 inch barrel, 1 inch on the flats with a twist of 1:60. Nice wood no cracks, two patch boxes, small one just under check piece, other large on right side of stock (still with grease) inlays look to be german silver and brass. Bore seems good with rifling, nipple is stuck but drum can be removed. I had plan to shoot this rifle but had problems with the set trigger and light contact with sear or to strong of sear spring. Just don't have the time to work on it. Marking on barrel is + with circle as shown on paper in photo. I have more photos available and will gladle answer any questions. Asking $550 shipped. Nice clean wall hanger or project rifle.

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Original Bronze Brooch

Original bronze Brooch 2 1/4" with stamped circles.

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Two small horns

Two small horns both about 7 inches long no bug damage. Horn 1 light color with rounded brass cap (most likely over a wooden plug) has a 1/2 inch spike in the center that is drilled for strap. Tip has two carved rings one of which has a brass band with loop for strap. Tip plug is carved horn with wood in center. Horn two is dark in color and thin, has flat wooden plug and carved rins at tip, missing tip plug. $120 for both shipped or $60 each plus shipping if you want only one.

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Three powder horns

Three more horns First is smallest 7 inches long (very thin) rounded wood plug, rings at tip, no tip plug, small amount of bug damage (see photo) near plug, and a hairline crack in the body of the horn. second is a Buffalo horn, rounded wood plug, one mark (cut) on side of horn age???? Third is larger 10 inch horn, flat wood base plug, brass tacks, some bug damage near base plug, again age??? but seems old all three $110 shipped if you want just one then $40 plus shipping cost.

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Orginal powder horns

Starting to clean my collection out. Frist three are old powder horns (all collected in California) small is 6 1/2 inches long, rounded wood plug, no bug damage - med is 8 1/2 inches long, flat wood plug, no bug damage - large is 9 1/2 inches long no base plug, top is a screw on tip (missing). Asking $120 shipped for all 3 or if you want only one it is $40 plus shipping cost. Sold pending funds

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Large, copper bucket, with hand forged Handel (original)

Large Original copper Bucket, with forged Handel, this is exactly like the one found in Sunbury Pennsylvania, where there was a very large population of Americas first people. Some repair work on outside bottom, 11.5" X 7"

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Buttons from Fredericksburg Virginia

Buttons from Fredericksburg Virginia

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Leman .36-Cal.

Leman .36-Cal., 42 1/2" barrel, dark stained maple, faint Leman markings on lock and barrel, brass butt plate and trigger guard, no entry pipe, trade fusil brass band at front instead of nose cap. It appears to be a bottomline rifle for the trade or treaty payment. Lock, stock, small cal. barrel and that's about it.

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Turkish decorative antique pistol

Decorative Turkish pistol. Not a reproduction. The barrel is not drilled for a touch hole and it is not substantial at the breech so it was never made to fire. The lock is flimsy and not made to work but will go to full and half cock.There are really nice silver wire work inlays and mother of pearl translucent inlays. There are profuse silver inlays in the barrel and lock. It is really elaborate and good quality. Cast brass mounts. Two pictures does not do it justice, more available. The barrel is 8.5 long with about an half inch bore. The reason I am posting this is because of the extensive wire work in the stock and silver inlays in the barrel and furniture.

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Original H. Nock Fowler restored by Bruce LePage

This is a wonderful gun by a great maker that has been restored to it's original condition by Bruce LePage. He converted it back to flint, polished the lock inside and out and re-engraved it. The touch hole has been lined with what looks like platinum which would be appropriate but it might be stainless. The 32" long barrel has been honed smooth to a mirror finish inside and the outside has been refinished to bring out the damascus pattern. The wood has been cleaned and refinished without any sanding so it still shows the minor handling dents natural to it's age. The checkering does not appear to have been re-cut. The wood is very sound with only one small check on the right forend behind the nosecap. The nosecap is formed iron and held in place with a screw. The ramrod is original with both tips intact. The lower tip has a threaded cap that covers a wad puller and the front tip is damascus to match the rest of the barrel. Overall an exceptionally nice gun for any collection or to take to the range. Very light and well balanced. The pictures will tell you more. Weight is 5 lbs. 15 oz. Pull is 14". More pictures can be found at

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