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Carved Snyder County Rifle - Attributed to John Dreisbach

This is a beautifully (incise) carved Upper Susquehanna rifle that was flint originally. I attribute it to John Dreisbach based on the style/type of profile, patchbox, wear plate, comb plate, carving, and inlays. Also, script initial "J" on top barrel flat; second letter obliterated. Very little engraving, two pieces of wood replaced at top of forestock channel, possible replaced panel and/or lid on patchbox, 39.25" barrel, many inlays up and down forestock. Needs a ramrod.

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Eight Kentucky Pistols - One Low Price!

My loss is your gain! I have well over ten grand into these eight pistols, but you can buy them all for $8,000. Seriously, that's $1,000 each (of course)! I need to make room for other fine guns. Five are flint, one is a conversion, and two are straight percussion. All nice original guns, but the one with the yellow tag was stocked in the 20th century with original hardware. None is signed, but most have marked locks. At this deep discount price, you'll have to add a few bucks to cover shipping or meet me at a show. Thanks!

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Original Hudson Bay Company Trade Silver

For sale is a very nice original double bar cross of Lorraine Indian trade silver. Nicely hand made, has original patina. Boldly dated 1863. HBC is the maker's mark.

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Kentucky Rifle Attributed to Henry Gibbs

This attractive rifle is almost certainly the work of Henry Gibbs from Lancaster County, PA, but it is unsigned. 41" barrel stretched at the breech, 56" long overall, 1 1/2" wide butt, approx. .50 caliber. The forearm was recently replaced from the rear thimble forward. A period forearm with a two-line molding (that I found at the KRA show a couple of years ago) was used and it fits great! Original thimbles used (they were attached to the bottom of the barrel when it was cut to a halfstock). Beautifully engraved patchbox and sideplate. Converted to percussion, but still with its very nice flint lockplate. Curly maple.

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Original George Cunkle Rifle

This is a spectacular gun by an extremely rare maker. George Cunkle worked in Harrisburg Pa. between 1800 and 1840. This rifle was built with a famous Pennabecker octagon barrel that still retains its original bore and rifling. The muzzle is also nicely decorated. It is stocked in curly maple and displays a beautiful pierced and engraved four piece patchbox. Eleven silver inlays were also employed for its decoration. The engraved Golcher Lock and hand made Double-Set triggers are original to the gun. The toe plate and barrel tang are fully engraved and a shaped and pierced forestock plate adds to the overall quality of this great gun. As a bonus, this gun still retains 95% of its original finish. Please take time to study the photos well, as this rifle offers a great deal of traditional quality and precise workmanship for a very reasonable investment. There is an old repair in the wrist area and a small toe plate repair, otherwise this rifle offers absolutely no apologies at all. The surface condition is soft, warm and very appealing. Please call if you have any questions, or if you wish to discuss this rifle in greater detail. More photos can be seen by going to our website and click on PERIOD ANTIQUES.

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Looking for an Original forged pipe tomahawk head or a nice brass one. Must be old and 19th C. Thank you

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This is a great flat horn. Has some engraving, bird and flower design. Date on the plug looks like 1814 although could be 1815. Initials AD on the opposite side. Additional photos available on request. Includes shipping in USA

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Early 18th Century Candle Sconce

Here is a magnificent, hand forged wrought iron, Colonial American candle sconce. The design, symmetry and overall composition of the scroll work is superb. Good original examples of this quality are extremely rare. This piece has just recently been removed from an original 1743 house and is being offered in absolutely untouched, as-found condition. As you can see in the photos, this wonderful piece has suffered some damage at one point, and the Rooster on the right side was lost. This could either be restored back to its original condition, or simply left in its current As Found condition, and enjoyed in any 18th Century setting. A great piece of early lighting. For a few additional photos please visit our website and go to our Period Antiques page.

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Southwest Virginia or Central Kentucky ca 1825

This is an unrestored, attic condition rifle from Southwestern Virginia or central Kentucky. The patchbox is neatly designed with 5 piercings and nicely engraved as is the 8 point silver star on the cheek piece. Engraved silver escutcheons on the forestock are for decoration only; one missing. Original to the rifle, the lock was converted to percussion and the barrel cut from the breech. Three in-period gunsmith repairs were accomplished to keep the rifle in working order. First the barrel tang was elongated to sturdy the wrist area, then the trigger guard was replaced, and finally a decorative plate was added to the fore arm as a result of saddle wear. Barrel length is 37.5 inches and a .45 cal bore. PLEASE VISIT FOR MORE ANTIQUE KENTUCKY RIFLES, ACCOUTREMENTS, FURNITURE, AND DECORATIVE ARTS.

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Antique Horn with Joe Mills Strap

Large left hand carry horn with an aged strap by Joe Mills. The horn measures 15.75 inches on the curve. The one area of bug damage has a period repair. Quite a nice old horn. $125. shipped

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