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Original John Sheets Rifle

This is a very nice original John Sheets rifle made in the 1820-1830 period. It was converted to percussion a very long time ago by simply replacing the lock. There is cap erosion at the breech enough to suggest that the conversion was done early in the gun's life. The forward lock screw is now a wood screw that has hand filed threads. The forend was broken at one time at the third thimble from the muzzle and a repair was done which is solid. The finish appears to be original and has not been cleaned or refinished. There are seven silver inlays on the gun, six are acorn styled. John Sheets and a few other gunmakers in the area were fond of using inlays of this style. The trigger guard has an interesting repair to the casting that was done when the rifle was built. The barrel is 42 4/3" long and about .43 caliber. Two of the wedge tennons have been replaced along with two of the wedges. The patchbox is a typical style used by Sheets with the four petal flower finial. The ramrod appears to be original to the gun and still has the long iron tip which is threaded for a wiper. The triggers have the typical lateral adjustment screw used by Sheets and they still work fine. The lock is marked 'GOULCHER' and works fine as well. It has no half cock which is typical for percussion locks of the time period. Overall this rifle is in a very desirable condition with very minimal restoration done to it. I'm not a collector as much as a builder so I am willing to sell this gun. The price it is listed at is what I feel it is worth but I know how the economy is now too so I will consider just about any reasonable offers. More pictures can be found at

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Percussion Longrifle, Heavily Inlaid and Engraved, Western PA

This rifle is likely western PA with a beautiful curly maple fullstock, 38" barrel, .38 caliber rifled. 20 engraved German silver inlays, including wearplate and thumbpiece. Brass furniture and engraved capbox (lid is slightly loose). Plain comb piece and nicely engraved toe plate. Two small pieces of wood replaced on right side of forestock, couple other small cracks on forestock, long old break with old-time repair through the buttstock. Could be (West) Virginia or Ohio, too. Lock is marked "Duff and Co., Pittsburgh." I will include shipping and insurance to lower 48 (you'll have to pay a few bucks more to send my hard case back). Thanks.

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Windsor Chair

Anyone looking for a period Windsor? Will trade for what have you. Can be delivered to the Show in Norris, TN next month or to the CLA in August. We have other Windsors available.

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NFS - Contact artist for pricing.3/26/2015
Original Lakota Dance Stick

This is a beautiful Original Lakota Dance stick. If you have something to trade, let me know.

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Original Eastern Woodland net anchors

These were found in Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna near Liverpool. They are net anchors, that were used here in Pa. From Large to small.

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Berks County flintlock rifle Ca 1825

A classic Berks County rifle. A slender rifle with the Roman Nose profile and an unengraved patchbox much like those associated with Wolfgang Haga. The original length barrel is 42 inches about .45 cal. The wrist was broken and nicely repaired, wood replaced around the patchbox, and the lock reconverted. This rifle is attractive and recognizable but has restoration.

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Frederick Sheetz Militia Hampshire rifle CW conversion

This is a rare and desireable rifle made by Frederick Sheetz under contract for the Virginia Militia in about 1810. It is stocked with nice curly maple, unusal for his contract rifles. Of note: Frederick made his own locks to save money on his contract; this retains the original handmade lock. What is more exciting, the rifle was modified for use in the Civil war. The lock has a military conversion, the barrel was shortened (now 36 inches) from the muzzle and fore end cap removed for easier loading. All the mounts are original. There is no wood restoration, however, some wood substitute has been used to patch some missing slivers along the forestock. Email me for more photos. Offers accepted.

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Rockingham County Harrisonburg, VA ca 1830

Here is a very decorative rifle made in Rockingham County or Harrisonburg, VA (possibly by William Sites). It has numerous silver inlays all are original to the rifle. There is some wood replaced along the fore stock; very nicely done. The patchbox lid release is non functional and the lock is converted to percussion (could be converted back to flintlock). Evidence of a signature appears on the original length (41 inch) rifled barrel about .45 cal. Though the piece is attractive it has suffered moisture damage. The stock is stable but the surface is "weathered". The brass mounts, patchbox, and silver parts were not affected by those conditions. please visit for more antique Kentucky rifles.

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Original horn

This is from an old eastate. 12" around the outside curve. Raised dome plug with low dome tack's Beautiful antique patina. Scrapped very thin so you can see the powder level. A very high quality horn. Very nicely done by a pro. $155.00 shipped. *****************SPF**************

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Original English Flintlock

Beautiful original antique English Style flintlock ca 1770 - 1790. This gunlock appears to be all original except, I beleive, the original main spring was replaced at one time. As you can see, the top jaw and screw are missing. The lock plate measures 6 and 1/8" in length and about 1 1/8" in width behind the pan bolster. Some engraving is visable; however, a makers' name is not visable. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks

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