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18th century Fireplace Shovel

This is an original 18th century fireplace tool, probably circa 1780, that has been largely untouched. The 7" long brass section with urn finial has a wonderful deep patina showing crisp turnings with just a shadow of rope turning on one section. The iron is hand forged and the sheet iron shovel is riveted to the shaft. As the photo shows, one corner is curled; this could be straightened. Total length is 31", the shovel is 7 1/2" long and about 6" at its widest point. Overall, a wonderful piece of history and a very pleasing piece that is still fully functional. You will be pleased, I am sure.

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19th century hand woven blanket

FOR SALE; Original 19th century Hand woven Wool Blanket. Natural Ivory color with charcoal colored stripes at each end. Approx. size is 68" wide by 86" long. No thin spots or holes, in excellent condition. Hand woven in two 34" pieces then sewn dow the center. 34 " was likely the width of the loom. Hand sewn hems on the ends. Nice crisp feel of medium weight. Price is $210 plus actual shipping.

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Hawken-Style Percussion Pistol

This is an attractive percussion pistol in good condition. It is signed (stamped) "S. Hawken" on the top barrel flat, but the stamp is as fake as the day is long! File it off or keep it as a conversation piece. Either way, it is a nice gun.

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Original Powder Horns

We just recently acquired a few very nice original horns. They are all different and unique, with each having its own personal color, size and shape. They have great contour and the highly sought after curve and twist. The largest horn measures about 13″ long on the outside curve while the smallest measures about 8 1/4″ long on the outside curve. Each of these horns are sealed tightly, making them a great piece that you can either use with your rifle or just put out on display. For individual pricing and info, please ask.

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Two Early Brass-Barrel Flintlock Pistols

Your choice, $1,650 each, and I'll pay for shipping to the lower 48! Better hurry!!

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Original Antique Print of the Death of General Wolfe

Engraving, 19th Century Original Antique Print of the Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West Dimensions: 9 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches (image size 4 3/4 x 7 inches)

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Original shot/ball Bags

Offered here are three original shot/ball bags in nice condition. The two bags on the left have horn spots while the far right bag is turned wood. A nice group to grow or start your collection! Funds due with in 5 days of commitment to buy. Check or money order. Price includes postage and Insurance. Thanks for taking a look!

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Original "Bamboo Turned" Windsor Chair

This is an Antique, Original "Bamboo Turned" Windsor Side Chair. The Bamboo Turned Windsors were typical from 1790-1850. This particular example shows beautiful age, wear and patina in all the right places. Originally, Windsor chairs were painted due to the fact that different species of wood were used in their construction. As you can see, this Windsor has since been stripped and refinished. However, the bottom of the seat still displays a multitude of colors from its journey through the ages. This is a great piece of history that exhibits the "real look" that everyone loves and it's hard to beat.

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Original York Co. Fowler

This is an Antique, Original fowler made in York County Pa. It was originally built in flintlock, but was converted to percussion during its period of use. The original flint lockplate is still in the gun. This unique piece of American History is in "as found" and "untouched" condition. The forged wrought iron barrel is 42 inches long, approx. 69 caliber smoothbore and displays a wonderful oxidized patina. The hand-forged trigger and triggerplate have untouched surfaces as well. The brass mountings are precisely filed and finished, and are also original to the gun. The forward ram rod pipe however has been lost to the ages. The gun is stocked in walnut, as many fowlers were, and has never been re-finished. The surfaces remain untouched, displaying all the charm and character that comes with its age. This gun was most likely made directly after the turn of the century, somewhere in the 1810 to 1820 time period. This is exactly the way we like to find an original gun, untouched.

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18th Century Pistol

Offered is a great little original 18th Century Gentleman/Ladies pistol. It mics at approximately .50 cal. smooth. The lock-plate is marked "C R" and "HC" on the inlay behind the tang. It has very good finish work where metal meets wood with very close tolerances ... even with 200+ years of shrinkage ... and a nifty thistle or 'flaming torch' overlay on the trigger guard. The lock is tight and crisp and, I believe, is still very shootable. There are a couple minor (and very old) wood repairs where pieces have chipped out and been replaced with the original chip ... only one small piece is missing. This is easily a museum quality piece that I am offering for $2150 OBO with shipping included to the lower 48. Email me with questions and additional pics. Thank you for looking.

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