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Judd Brennan Rifle for sale.

This is one of Judd's earlier rifles , before he moved to Alaska. The rifle is European styled , well carved and engraved. The lock and triggers appear to be hand made , the pan is gold lined. This rifle is pictured in Robert Weil's book on contemporary makers pages 52 to 56.

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A 60 caliber flintlock rifle with a 13 3/4" trigger pull. Barrel length is 42" Over-all 58"

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Southern Fowler by Mike Davis, CLA auction artist

>62 x 42 inch smoothbore , oct to round. Super premium curly maple stock, modified Queen Anne lock, 2 inch wide buttplate for comfort and quick handling and classic acorn finial trigger guard, sideplate and coin silver front sight. White lightening vent. Unfired 1450.00 shipped to you

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This rifle is from the estate of Dean Ashton 60 cal. overall 47" barrel 31" trigger pull 14" The engraving is by John Schippers Others photos available

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Fine Relief Carved Swivel Rifle by Jerry Kirklin

This is the finest contemporary swivel rifle that I've ever handled. Jerry Kirklin (signed on one top barrel flat) captured the essence of an original on this beautiful rifle, especially in terms of the carving, profile, fit and finish. I'd guess it to be a loose copy of a Berks Co. gun, such as an Adam Angstadt. Barrels are about 38" long, both rifled, .50 caliber. I'm sure it was shot a few times, but this gun is close to mint condition (some minor discoloration on small areas of brass). This price is what Jerry charged to build it approx. 30 years ago. Can you imagine what it would cost to have one built today with this elegant carving, flaming stock, artwork and engraving, and fantastic swivel mechanism? I'd say $10K to $12K by a comparable builder. More pics available.

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Leonard Day Swivel Breech

Right hand percussion. Overall very good condition with some scratches on metal and wood near breech (see pictures). 50 caliber. Of course, I will email more pictures.

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Double Flint Fowler by Bruce LePage in 10 Gauge

This is a wonderful gun built I believe back in the early 1980's by Bruce LePage. If you talk with any gunsmith who has built a double gun like this, most will say that one was enough. They are very time consuming and difficult to get the locks and barrels inlet properly. To reuse an old set of barrels is also difficult. You have to cut the old threads off the breech, rethread, fit new plugs, make a tang to fit, rebore and refinish the barrels all while you are praying the old solder holding them together won't come loose. Just finding a good set of barrels is getting harder these days. Most are beat up and pitted beyond use. Ed Rayl can make a nice set of barrels but they won't be damascus, will cost about $1000 and take over a year to get. This is why there aren't more double flints being made. The locks are by Cochran and come with extra main and frizzen springs. The mounts are steel with a rust blued finish. The 30 1/2" long barrels in 10 gauge are original damascus barrels that have been re-breeched and bored with a new hook tang made to fit. They still have the Birmingham proofs on the bottom. It has gold bands inlayed at the breech. The wood is a wonderful piece of English walnut with beautiful figure. The checkering is hand cut. If you have ever tried to checker a gun, you will appreciate the work involved in doing it properly. The ramrod has an original style capped worm at the bottom end. There is a silver inlay on the bottom of the stock with a monogram engraved which could be re-engraved. Overall an exceptionally nice gun for any collection or to take to the range. The gun is slightly used with minor wear to the frizzens and the bores are in excellent condition. The wood is excellent with just a few very minor dents from handling over the years. Very light and well balanced. The pictures will tell you more. Weight is 8 lbs. 2 oz. Pull is 14 1/2" to front trigger. More pictures can be found at

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Virginia Style Rifle by K. Moors in .54 cal.

This is a very well made rifle by Ken Moors. It has a Virginia Winchester school styling with a bit of English influence. Barrel is by Colerain. It is a swamped .54 caliber octagonal and is 44" long. The stock is a nice piece of curly maple that has been aged. The lock is a Chamber's Early Ketland. The mounts are brass that have been very nicely engraved and aged. Weight is 8 lbs. 3 oz. Length of pull is 14". More pictures can be found at

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SUPER Mountain Man Outfit !!!

Due to health issues(Parkinson), I am selling all of my "stuff"... I have a vintage Thompson Center ,54 cal. HAWKEN rifle with a custom Native American style leather pouch, a new Lyman .54 cal. PLAINS pistol and holster I bought 2 years ago and never fired and a full complement Possible Bag with mostly late 1800's items: antler handle patch knife and sheath, smelting pot and ladle, powder horn, shot pouch and tools, a blacksmith Mouontain Man Bowie knife and sheath, late 1800;s tomahawk/ax with belt and other related items. I paid $475.00 for the rifle many moons ago and $350.00 for the pistol and holster. I think the antique value of the Possible Bag outfit would be $500.00(?). I am open to offers and would rather sell the whole outfit together, but would consider breaking it up

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Smooth Rifle (20 guage)

I have a nice .20 guage smooth rifle with a Colerain 44" turkey choke barrel, Chambers English Roundface lock, White Lightning vent liner, single trigger and brass hardware. LOP is 13 1/4", weight is approximately 7 1/4 lbs. Nice carving and sliding wood patch box. This is a good choice for shooting turkeys at ranges up to 35 yards. Built by Bob Elka. $2250.00 plus shipping.

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