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Southern Rifle for sale

Southern Rifle, Flintlock L&R, 42", 45cal straight barrel. Steel furniture. Stock hand scraped and rubbed oil finish. Maker Ric Lambert. Newly completed. More Images Here;

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Jack garner 75 Cal. smooth rifle "sold"

I have a Jack Garner smooth rifle for sale . Jack build this rifle right after he sold TVM to Matt Advance . It has a very nice piece of maple ,L&R round face lock,double set trigger , sliding wooden box and a tapered ram rod and rear sight that I added later.I'm not sure but I believe the barrel is a long hammock .It's a real "shooter" with a .730 ball and a 100 grns. of 2 f Goex .1,000.00 or best offer.Thanks for looking.

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Mid 1900's contemporary rifle WM Large &WG Sutter

Nice older full stocked rifle in good shape, some handling and shooting mark on wood, that is to be expected with use, no stock cracks. Overall length 59 inches, No makers name, barrel marked W.M.Large, it is .37 cal, 42" long, 13/16 on the flats. Bedford style lock marked W.G.Sutter #75, double triggers LOP 14". Patch box ingraved, silver and brass inlays (some with ingraving). Stripped Maple stock dark brown to black in color. Nice rifle I can provide more photos upon request, shoots a .360 to .370 RB, I got a good group offhand with the .360 and thick patch. Sold Pending funds

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Tennessee Rifle Parts

Super curly maple stock with 42" A wt. .36 cal. Colerain barrel inletted. Ram rod groove cut. Chambers Late Ketland lock. Butt plate & trigger guard, nose cap, side plate, thimbles, lock bolt, tang bolt, sights, Davis small set triggers, Tennons, patch box, ram rod tip with .36 cal jag. $700 shipping included.

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Early English Style Rifle by K. Moors in .50 caliber

Another fine rifle by Ken Moors of Edenton, N.C. The lock is a Chambers Early Ketland lock. The barrel is a "B" weight 42" long Colerain in .50 caliber. The stock is a highly figured piece of maple with aged brass hardware. The rifle is raised carved in a traditional English style. The brass parts exhibit the fine engraving that Ken is known for. The fit, finish and aging on this rifle are all excellent. The pictures can tell more than I can as to how fine a gun this is. This rifle holds and balances very well. I have sold several of Ken's guns in the past and the new owners have been very pleased with the quality of the work and the accuracy. Weight is 7 lbs. 14 oz., Pull is 14". More pictures can be found at

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Lehigh Valley Plain Rifle

This is my interpretation of a good solid plain rifle in the Lehigh Valley style. Architecturally the piece reflects the lines of Herman Rupp, but with slightly more robust sections through the wrist and buttstock reminiscent of earlier works by Peter Neihart. Sometimes referred to as a "Schimmel" or Barn rifle, these elegant pieces were probably quite common, and were used every day as tools. I have several late 18th and early 19th century tools that I frequently use while building a flintlock rifle, including forged hand vises, wooden planes, a draw knife, and some very large chisels. Every antique tool has dings, scratches, rust blemishes, and cracks that distinguish it from other tools in the chest. With that in mind, I built and finished this rifle with the intention of creating the same warm character and patina found on antique tools. This rifle was stocked in a dense piece of red maple, with a 42" .50 caliber Colerain barrel. Lock is a modified Chambers Golden Age, with a 13 5/8" trigger pull. A buttplate and triggerguard are the only pieces of furniture, with two sheet brass ramrod pipes forward. After staining with aquafortis, the stock was distressed to reflect wear and tear of actual use, but not abuse. The metal parts were similarly allowed to develop a heavy patina outdoors, rubbed back, then aged further, complete with "wise" marks on the breech and elsewhere. I view a piece like this as a continued work in progress, and that the rifle will develop character and patina with genuine use and wear. For more photos and information, Please visit:

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Early Longrifle

Early longrifle 58 cal. 44" colerain barrel, chambers lock, cherry stock. Gun handles very well. $2,500.00 plus shipping. More pictures at Thanks for looking.

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50 Cal rifle by Jack Hansberry-Sold Pending Funds

New rifle made by Hudson Valley, NY gunmaker Jack Hansberry. 50 cal, 38" B-weight Colerain barrel, Deluxe Siler lock, Davis #6 Set triggers. It has a swiveling patchbox and many other nice details and engravings by Jack's hand. Please email for more information and photos. LOP is approximately 14.25". Sold Pending Funds thank you.

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New England Rifle

I don't see many New England rifles being made these days so I decided to try my hand at it. I am hoping there are some current or former New Englanders who might like such a rifle. This one has a 50 cal., 42", "B" weight swamped barrel made by Rice. The stock is cherry. The lock is a Chamber's Classic Ketland. Trigger pull is 14". Rear sight is 11.5" from the breech. The butt plate is 5" H x 1 7/8" W. The balance point is just to the rear of the rear sight, the ideal location. I have some high resolution pictures available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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Southern Mountain Flintlock

Main Specifications Modestly figured curly hard maple, 45 cal Green mountain barrel 36 in, Chambers late Ketland lock and Davis double set triggers. All other mountings are hand made from Iron including hand forged trigger guard. In being a poor boy rifle there in no entry pipe or nose cap, and the butt consists of heel and toe guards only. The rifle has a 13- 1/4 inch trigger pull. The lock has been "tuned" by the maker. The rifle is new except for shooting to sight in. It is designed for hard use in competition or hunting. Will gladly give further description upon request. The price includes shipping within the continental U.S. This rifle is fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. The maker of this rifle is Richard Miller. Mr. Miller has over 50 years experience building muzzle loaders, having completed 181. He is exclusively a "scratch builder", making all but the locks, barrels, and set triggers by hand. He is currently chairman of the NMLRA Gunmaker's Hall, a position he has held for the last 12 years and is a charter member of the CLA.For information call 616-532-5552 or e-mail

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