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Fusil de Chasse (Price Reduced)

Offered is a Fusil de Chasse built by Centermark. It's a 20gauge/.62 oct-to-round brl with RE Davis tuned lock. It also has a rear sight original to the gun. Hardware is browned iron and sports a high-finished stock with only a few handling marks. Asking $1550 (OBO) including shipping to lower 48. More photos available.

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Custom under-hammer off hand rifle

"New Price" Custom 40 cal. under-hammer rifle: I am selling for a friend that has had a stroke and cant remember who built the rifle on anything about it! It is a 40 cal 30"X 7/8 blued barrel, TP is 13 3/4", weight is 10#, Red-field adjustable sights, walnut shock, case harden breech, Hopkins-Allen trigger/lock action. I don't think it has ever been fired! No markings on who made the barrel or the gun. If anyone recolonizes who made have made it please let me know! Asking $1000.00 OBO. I will bring it to CLA show in August to save shipping. Send e-mail for more pictures or questions.

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English Fowler (price reduced) *** SPF

Offered is an English-style Fowler by G. Christian. It features a 34" oct-to-round barrel, a large Siler lock, an acorn-style trigger guard, and weighs only 6.6#. It's in 20 gauge/.62 cal and has a SS vent liner. Asking $1200 (OBO) including shipping to lower 48. More photos available.

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Hubbard Smoothbore (price reduced)

Offered is an early smoothbore constructed by well-known builder, Jack Hubbard. It was designed with a rustic Dutch influence with a somewhat 'clubfoot' profile, a 41 1/2" Rayl Barrel and an early Davis lock. It is a 28 gauge and will handle a .523 and .530 roundball. It a nifty shooter that I've only had the opportunity to shoot a few times. Must reduce my inventory of smoothbores. Asking $1625.00, (OBO) including shipping to lower 48. More photos available.

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William Antes, Wrought Iron Barrel

This is an exact copy of the original barrel on the William Antes rifle shown in Rifles of Colonial America as gun number 53. We used a special bar of 18th Century produced Wrought Iron to make this unique barrel. This full octagon barrel measures 47 3/8" long and exhibits the same dimensions as the tapered and flared original. The bore is .50 caliber and we have also reproduced the same 8 groove, round bottom 18th Century style rifling as found in the original, with an authentic 1-56 twist. 5/8 x 18 breech threads have also been cut. This is an absolutely beautiful, authentic barrel and presents a great opportunity for a serious builder. The barrel has been inlet into a piece of curly maple and the ram rod channel has been run. We are including the stock and inletting at no extra charge. **We will be at the Gunmakers Fair at Dixons, July 29-31 and can deliver there.

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New H. Nock Style Fowler by Bruce LePage in 12 gauge

This is a wonderful gun built I believe back in the late 1980's by Bruce LePage. It is styled after the original H. Nock fowler I have for sale which was restored by Bruce. The lock is by L&R. The mounts are steel with a blued finish. The 32" long barrel in 12 gauge is a tapered round style and has a deep charcoal blued color with the breech and tang having a fire blued color. It has a gold band inlayed at the breech. The wood is a wonderful piece of English walnut with beautiful figure. The checkering is hand cut in a proper flat top style. If you have ever tried to checker a gun, you will appreciate the work involved in doing it properly. The nosecap is cast pewter. The ramrod has a horn tip at the top end with a threaded brass tip at the lower end. Overall an exceptionally nice gun for any collection or to take to the range. The gun is slightly used with minor wear to the frizzen and the bore is in excellent condition. The wood is excellent with just a few very minor dents from handling over the years. Very light and well balanced. The pictures will tell you more. From what I have heard, Bruce LePage no longer builds guns and is strictly an engraver now. Weight is 6 lbs. 12 oz. Pull is 14". To see more pictures go to

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Wayne Watson Longrifle made in the style of John Noll

This fine quality contemporary longrifle made by Wayne Watson, commissioned in 1999, is stocked in curly maple and trimmed in burnished brass furniture. This rifle is of the Franklin County School. 1 in 66 round bottom rifling, with a 44 inch swamped Getz barrel. Features intrinsic relief carving, stylized ornate engraving. Lock is a Siler, ignition is flint, never Fired

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Mike Miller Va style long rifle

A Mike Miller Va style long rifle .54 cal oct/round Rayle barrel, marked on top flat M.Miller, WFN & 0617. Coned for ease of loading, brass furniture , wood patch box. P++++ wood. Relief carved, Lock engraved, side plate engraved. Chambers Colonial Va lock and white lightning vent liner. Shoots well with .520 ball and .020 patch over 55 gr 3f. I can not put pictures on the internet but if you are seriously interested I will mail you some pictures. The rifle is used but not abused and is in excellent shape.

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.50 caliber Billinghurst style underhamer rifle

The Billinghurst style action from Muzzleloader Builders Supply has been modified by reshaping the grip rail to more represent that of a Winchester Hi-Wall. The original cast mainspring that came with the kit was replaced with a spring handmade from 1084 spring steel. The entire action has been engraved and color case hardened. The matching butt and forearm were cut from one piece of beautiful curly English Walnut. The stock is ambidextrous in design as it has both right and left hand matching cheek pieces and no cast off. The length of pull is 13 3/4". The buttplate is a large Winchester Swiss style buttplate from CPA rifles. The forearm has an ebony insert installed similar to the Winchesters. The gun weighs in at 7 lbs. 10 ozs. The tapered .50 caliber barrel was rifled by Lynn Weimer and is mounted with California sights. Barrel is 28" long and tapers from 1 1/8" to 13/16". The breechplug was custom made to allow the rust blued barrel to be removed by loosening the two set screws in the sides of the action. This gun comes with a custom made stainless steel ramrod with matching English Walnut palm saver with ebony inlay. This gun is new. It has only been fired to sight it in and prove functionality. The $1625.00 price includes shipping to the lower 48. More pictures are available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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southern mountain rifle sold

This is a new rifle that has a .50 42" rice southern classic barrel chambers ketland lock and davis single set trigger in a hard maple stock and forged iron hardware that is lightly aged. The rifles weight is around 7#s with a 13 3/4" lop,it would make a great rifle for packing around the woods, I am asking $1750 plus shipping. For more pics e-mail me at or go to

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