About The CLA

The CLA was organized as an association of contemporary muzzleloading collectors and artists.

This association recognizes the scope of collecting as traditional muzzleloading longrifles, pistols, fowlers, their accoutrements and related objects handmade after the mid-twentieth century.

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  • American Tradition: Decorative Art of the Contemporary Longrifle Culture Publication
  • Educational Experiences
  • Annual Show
  • Regional Mini Shows

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CLA Annual Show

For registration and information about the CLA Annual Show, please visit the following links.


Ever thought about developing your artist skills?

Frontiersmen often did not have a choice, thus they provided us great collectibles.

You can become an artist when you experience being a maker with the right training with an affiliated CLA workshop.

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The CLA sponsors or is affiliated with many events. As a CLA member you may attend these events.

There are many events within 3 hours drive of more than 85% of our membership.

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Meet The CLA Artists! 

Imagine what it would be like to watch a video of an 18th century gunmaker. While that era of video could not have been captured, the CLA wants to make sure that 100’s years from now, we will have captured videos of the great CLA artists that embraced the 21st century. As we capture videos of these CLA artist they will be published on You Tube and archived on the CLA website for the world to enjoy!

Please contact Katie in the CLA office if you are willing to participate with the CLA in filming your video. We hope you will enjoy watching these videos as they become available on-line.



  • " DID YOU KNOW? The CLF manages Grant funds and the foundation Endowment Fund from which chartable grants are made when the grant is consistent with the mission of the Contemporary Longrifle Association or the mission of the foundation. "

    Contemporary Longrifle Foundation, Inc.

  • " DID YOU KNOW? The CLA was organized as an association of contemporary muzzleloading collectors and artists. "

    Contemporary Longrifle Association