Contemporary Longrifle Association Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence!

In 1996, the building at 25 Middlebrook Ave in Staunton, Virginia was the office of Margie and Gordon Barlow’s Health Care Planning and Development, LLC, which was their national health care consulting firm.

Rachel (Nolan) Ramsbottom was the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Margie would stop by the office regularly to make sure we were working.

On a cold wintery day in December, 1996, Gordon presented the concept of the Contemporary Longrifle Association (CLA) to Rachel and Margie. On that December day the CLA was born!

The CLA will host its 25th Anniversary celebration in it’s new location at the convention center in Lexington, KY. The prior building has been demolished with a completely new and modern convention complex raised in its place.

The CLA has come a long way from a few hundred members and a 65 table show in 1997 to over 2,000 members and the need for 30,000 plus square feet of show space. The CLA continues to partner with the CLF and its membership to look for new opportunities to promote the mission of the CLA and its members.

The CLA is looking forward to continuing for many years to come!

The CLA is grateful to its members for making our organization the premier advocate of the contemporary longrifle and related accoutrement culture for 25 years.   The next decade will be even more productive!

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Art by Amanda Lipps – Created for 25th Celebration
Art by Lisa Crews – Created for 25th Celebration
Art by Terry Methe

Brennan Raffle

Drawing at 25th Anniversary Celebration
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