A listing of known artisans (alive & deceased), compiled for research purposes.

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 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
Ken StanleyLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbakcntryrider@live.com
Harold R. RaleighGeneral Artworkballard1781@bellsouth.net
James ParkerCalvary Longrifles LLCLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbamajim31@gmail.com
Lawrence SpisakGeneral Artworkbarlaw1@verizon.net
H.K. BarnitzGreen Twp. Rifle WorksGeneral Artworkbarnitzhk@horizonview.net
Barry ConnerOne Who TradesTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbarryconner01@gmail.com
Norbert BussGeneral Artworkbbuss80@hotmail.com
collectorGeneral Artworkbeamerider1@msn.com
Benjaman QuearryLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbenjamanq@gmail.com
Ben BarcoGeneral Artworkbenjbarco@msn.com
Lowell GardGeneral ArtworkBevelup@msn.com
Bill FarrisGeneral Artworkbfarris5@comcast.net
Burton WrightGeneral Artworkbgfarmer0@gmail.com
Brent GurtekFrench River Muzzleloaders, LLCLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbgurtek@gmail.com
Brent GurtekFrench River Muzzle LoadersLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbgurtek@gmail.com
Barry HutchinsGeneral Artworkbhutchin@epix.net
Scott and Cathy SibleyHunting bags and powder hornsbigbat@tritel.net
JACK BRAYBIG BEAR TRADERSTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbigbear19446@yahoo.com
Bill BiggerstaffGeneral Artworkbiggbill560@gmail.com
John ShorbPowder Horns And More, Inc.Hunting bags and powder hornsbigsmoke72@charter.net
BILLY FaubionGeneral Artworkbill.faubion@sbcglobal.net
Bill HixonGeneral Artworkbill.hixon@atk.com
Bill ScurlockScurlock Publishing Co., Inc.General Artworkbill@scurlockpublishing.com
Billy HeckCumberland ForgeTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbilly.heck@yahoo.com
William R. JohnsonJohnson Law FirmGeneral ArtworkBilly@billyjohnsonlaw.com
Billy HattabaughThe Log Cabin ShopTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbillydale2051@outlook.com
Chris DePerroLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbilzdeperro@msn.com
Martin EwingMarty's Curly mapleGeneral Artworkbirddmann45@yahoo.com
Keith Lislewww.CustomMuzzleloaders.comGeneral ArtworkBirddogsix@yahoo.com
bernie tulinoGeneral Artworkbjthome@verizon.net
Bernie E. TulinoPioneer Arms Co.General Artworkbjtjunk@verizon.net
William WildeLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbjwilde@epix.net
Rosemary WoodsGeneral Artworkblabber38401@gmail.com
Tammy WoodsHunting bags and powder hornsblabber38401@gmail.com
Bo LaveaultBlackbear SignworksGeneral ArtworkBlackbearsignworks@maine.rr.com
Rich SiegelLongrifles, pistols and fowlersblackdog5070@yahoo.com
Gary HarpstGeneral Artworkblackhorse0@hotmail.com
Morgan SheaBlackLeaf Leather and HatsGeneral Artworkblackleaf7@earthlink.net
Lawrence FiorilloHunting bags and powder hornsblackpowderpouches@yahoo.com
Larry FiorilloHunting bags and powder hornsblackpowderpouches@yahoo.com
Justin UrbantasMeska HomesteadTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsblacksmithju@hotmail.com
William (Bill) BisherBlack Turtle ForgeGeneral Artworkblackturtleforge@wildblue.net
Bob LienemannGeneral Artworkblienemann@att.net
Brice StultzGeneral Artworkblstultz@gmail.com
Don BaileyBaileys FlintlocksGeneral Artworkbluegrassmusicman@hotmail.com
Bob MilnGeneral Artworkbmiln@sympatico.ca
Marshall KuykendallGeneral Artworkbmkuy@austin.rr.com
Brandon RodriguezGeneral Artworkbnrodriguez12@yahoo.com
Bob AustinLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbob.austin2@comcast.net
Bob AllenGeneral Artworkbob@bucksnorttrading.com
 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email: