A listing of known artisans (alive & deceased), compiled for research purposes.

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 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
Bill MorganLongrifles, pistols and fowlersreachbillmorgan@hotmail.com
Bill WrightQuillworkwrightsgarden@hotmail.com
Bill ShellhornGeneral Artworkauburnlil@charter.net
Bill FarrisGeneral Artworkbfarris5@comcast.net
Bill BiggerstaffGeneral Artworkbiggbill560@gmail.com
Bill HixonGeneral Artworkbill.hixon@atk.com
Bill ScurlockScurlock Publishing Co., Inc.General Artworkbill@scurlockpublishing.com
Bill BrownGeneral Artworkboulderbill@charter.net
Bill SharretteGeneral Artworkbsharrette@yahoo.com
Bill MillicanGeneral Artworkcmillican6995@charter.net
Bill HammondGeneral Artworkflintshooter@hotmail.com
Bill PattersonGeneral Artworkgeorgewmmurphy@yahoo.com
Bill HillingGeneral Artworkwhilling@roadrunner.com
Billy HeckCumberland ForgeTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbilly.heck@yahoo.com
BILLY FaubionGeneral Artworkbill.faubion@sbcglobal.net
Billy HattabaughThe Log Cabin ShopTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbillydale2051@outlook.com
Bo LaveaultBlackbear SignworksGeneral ArtworkBlackbearsignworks@maine.rr.com
Bob ChattinLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Bob WiegandRW Historical ReproductionsHunting bags and powder hornsrwiegand@enter.net
Bob AustinLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbob.austin2@comcast.net
Bob DodsonHunting bags and powder horns1968daytona@att.net
Bob BrowderLonghunter Leather CoHunting bags and powder hornslonghunter1957@yahoo.com
bob kingLongrifles, pistols and fowlersroberthkingsr@gmail.com
Bob BrownGeneral Artworkabrown1@naxs.net
Bob LienemannGeneral Artworkblienemann@att.net
Bob MilnGeneral Artworkbmiln@sympatico.ca
Bob AllenGeneral Artworkbob@bucksnorttrading.com
Bob LienemannGeneral Artworkbobl@centurylink.net
bob levineLevine Custom KnivesGeneral Artworklevineknives@msn.com
Bob Copner1 of 1000 Endowment ChairmanGeneral Artworkrobert.copner@comcast.net
Bob BrowderLonghunter Leather CompanyHunting bags and powder horns
Bob KingLongrifles, pistols and fowlersroberthkingsr@gmail.com
Bob Gerard Sicoransa SicoransaBob Gerard DulcimersHunting bags and powder hornsBobgerard1@gmail.com
Boyce CruseLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Boyd StaleyGeneral Artworkstickemstaley@hotmail.com
Brad EmigCabin Creek MuzzleloadingLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscabincreek@cabincreek.net
Brad LarsonGeneral Artworklarsonviking@aol.com
Brad NucklesGeneral ArtworkNucklehead@suddenlink.net
Brad LarsonGeneral Artworklarsonviking@aol.com
Brad J. MillsHunting bags and powder hornscla@longrifle.com
Braden IsraelTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbradeni@aol.com
Brandon RodriguezGeneral Artworkbnrodriguez12@yahoo.com
Brandon RodriguezGeneral Artworkcynthiamata1@yahoo.com
brenda bedoskyEtc.General Artworkbrennymay@aol.com
Brent GurtekFrench River Muzzleloaders, LLCLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbgurtek@gmail.com
Brent GurtekFrench River Muzzle LoadersLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbgurtek@gmail.com
Brian WeaverIronfeather creativeLongrifles, pistols and fowlersBrianweaver59@gmail.com
Brian BarkerLongrifles, pistols and fowlerssquirehawk1774@hotmail.com
Brian AndersonTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbrianderson@silversunbeam.com
 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email: