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Artisan NameMike Miller
Artisan CategoryLongrifles, pistols and fowlers
Artisan Bio

C. Michael Miller has evolved into a full-time gunbuilder since he recently retired from the police force. He is also one of a few real gunsmiths since he also forges many of his parts for these fine rifles, fowlers and pistols. As a serious student of the longrifle, Michael availed himself to the many growing opportunities to educate himself on the proper techniquies and traditional styles associated with flintlock firearms. He has attended several seminars at Western Kentucky University, studied directly under Ron Ehlert, read every book with anything dealing with Kentucky Rifles, and owns every video produced by American Pioneer Video.

His level of workmanship reflects the developed maturity of an 18th century gunbuilder. A versatile builder, Michael prefers the Colonial era throug the Golden Age firearms, especially guns with a southern flavor. He can forge iron mounts or parts, and often fabricates brass mounts from sheet stock to a degree they cannot be distinguished from castings.

Orders for fine flintlock firearms are currently filled in a most timely fashion. As a bonus, customers will always get more than they pay for, with additional detail work, quality of parts, and a work ethic that ensures each gun leaves his shop representing the best craftsmanship reflecting 18th century standards. His guns will only increase in value. Michael is also an active shooter and this is reflected in his work making his guns suitable for hunters or collectors.

Resource: Contemporary Longrifle Association Member

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Address4020 Minnich Ave.
Paducah, KY 42001
United States of America
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