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Artisan NameDaniel Aubihl
Artisan CategoryLongrifles, pistols and fowlers
Artisan Bio

Daniel Aubihl was born on May 25, 1957 in Central Ohio. He began creating rifles, tomahawks and knives in 1975. He apprenticed to Mark Bokenkamp from 1975-1977. He also went to various blacksmith seminars in the late 1970's and early 1980's that also helped to further his craft. He was a part-time artisan until 2001 when he began building full-time.

Daniel's work includes early Lancaster and Virginia rifles, Ohio rifles, pipe tomahawks, folding knives and whitesmith/blacksmith. He also makes gold and damasus jewelry. His trademark is a pointed cross. Over his career, he has made around 15 full stock rifles, a few fowlers, 8 half stock rifles, numerous pipe tomahawks and knives. Daniel states that "very little of what I have created was made for anyone but myself and mostly for friends."

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Address1860 Twp.
Sycamore, OH 44882
United States of America
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