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Artisan NameBob King
Artisan CategoryLongrifles, pistols and fowlers
Artisan Bio

I built my first rifle in 1976, inspired by the Leonard Reedy rifle, picture 15, in Merrill Lindsay's book, The Kentucky Rifle. After I retired, around 2005, I built four more rifles in the same style so each of my five children could have one. I began traveling to shows and at a show in Winchester, VA, as chance would have it, I met the current owner of the Reedy rifle in Lindsay's book. He offered to let me copy his rifle and I jumped at the chance. However, since many of the parts were not exactly available, it was necessary for me to fabricate most of the parts, and i made 5 of each. Thus I finished not one, but 5 Reedy rifle replicas.

During the above time frame, I met Keith Casteel, he provided parts for the 1st rifle I made, and lots of "how to" drawings. When I started next the 4 rifles for my children, Keith provided all the semi-inletted stocks, barrels, and hardware that I could revise to fit the Reedy style. Keith was very, very kind and helpful. After those Reedy style rifles, he suggested other styles from other books and pictures he provided. Then, around 2006, Keith decided it was time for me to move up. He had me purchase the Erhard Wolf book Flintlock Jaeger Rifles. This really did require that I "move up".

My family heritage goes back to the Koenigs, famous engravers from Germany who settled in New York City. The Jaeger rifles I wanted to build represented the best of the best in engraving and I was willing to try. Keith taught me to pick the proper steel and grind the appropriate shapes for gravers. But I really did want to continue "moving up". I now own a Lindsey Air Graver and am learning each and every day. Recently I managed to have one of my better rifles displayed in the American Tradition edition, Winter 2007, page 17.

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United States
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