Following is a listing of known CLA Artisans Makers Marks. This list is in no way complete, and will be evolving.

We’ve provided this list as a service to our members and guests, to help them identify known work(s).

In the A-Z Listing, you can search by first letter of last name, or # for marks that don’t have a unique identifier.

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From 1976 To Present, Longrifles (15) have been signed as RSToone, and dated 1977 and/or MMXIV.

There are five 48" to 60" Fowlers marked the same way and several pistols stamped RSTOONE on barrel bottom with 8" barrels, plus a couple of long barrel pistols signed same as rifles.

There is one M1861 Rifled Musket NSSA Approved with a Harmon Large Barrel with his name on it. All other guns are Flintlocks.

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Accurate Historic Furniture Reproductions

Marked R & R Toone, and the date deeply carved into a bottom surface. 175-200 pieces since 1996

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Wheelbarrows, Tankarts, Stools & Benches

Marked TOONE. Quantity in the 100's

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Native American War Clubs

Marked (Carved Incise) an "R" "S" "T" can be found in the bird and nest is RST in morse code.

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Powder Horns

Powder Horns are marked with morse code, date on horns with his name inscribed by scrimshaw, around the base between the pegs holding the butt plug.

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Peace Pipes

Marked R S Toone and date metal stamped into head on surface facing handle