Antique German Flintlock Pistol


Added on: June 14, 2021

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Product Description

Original 18th Century German flintlock pistol with a 9″ octagon to round wrought iron barrel. The barrel is uniquely decorated with a paneled and molded octagonal section and a “raised” breech tang that also serves as the rear sight. The engraved German lock is still in original flint condition. All of the mounts are hand crafted brass, with the exception of the horn muzzle cap, which is typical of Germanic work of the period. The European Walnut stock is very nicely decorated with a combination of low relief and incise carving. The stock appears to have had some filler installed at some point between the end of the triggerguard and the butt cap. The tang screw is also currently missing and will need to be replaced. This is a very pleasing pistol with a lot of quality, being offered at a very reasonable price.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

Brad Emig

Cabin Creek Muzzleloading
50 W. Beaver St.

Hallam, PA

Phone: (717) 757-5841