Queen Anne type doglock musket by Kit Ravensheer!


Added on: November 19, 2023
Sold By Walt Pioli

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Product Description

For purchase is a Queen Anne type doglock musket made by the original master – Kit Ravenshear. He’s really the one that started it all. Jess Merlot of The Rifle Shoppe studied under him and, well, we all know how big that got!! The musket is in excellent condition. 46″ barrel, .75 cal., correct period proofs. The stock is stamped “DIXON” in very small letters. I was informed Kit did this so he knew who provided the stock. The stock is branded with Kit’s unique broad arrow. Only muskets built by him have this brand. The stock butt does have a crack but It does not go all the way around. Drying crack, maybe? It MAY have been glued to stabilize and prevent an eventual breakaway? It’s solid, regardless.. The interior lock is marked with Kit’s KR stamp. Under the lock plate is stamped “Dixon” and what I believe is the date ‘LXXXVII” or “87” (1987). For some reason the ramrod is stuck when the forward lock bolt is installed. The forward lock bolt has been filed to accommodate. It will insert but the ramrod has to be installed warp side (yeah, it has a slight warp) towards the barrel AND the forward bolt needs to be in the right position. Maybe a new ramrod or redrill?? Beats me.. Here’s your chance to own an original Kit built musket. RARELY do they come available. The kits alone from TRS are $1400 and a two+ year wait time. Plus the effort to build. Here it is, ready to go. Pay pal to a “friend” or personal check. No nonsense. Let’s get this sold.. Free shipping.. nunzio7473@gmail.com