Signed A * K, Berks County, PA ca 1820

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Added on: June 28, 2023

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Product Description

Though unsigned we can be sure it was made in Berks County by an associate of Henry Mauger or John Derr. The barrel is 38″ about .54 cal and has lost some of it’s length at the breech where it was signed. The engraved block letter A is still apparent and the K is undisturbed; there is a flourish of simple lines engraved after the K. It appears that a fore arm plate was added later.

It was converted to percussion in the 1830’s and retains its original lock marked J Shorthouse which could be reconverted back to flintlock. Restoration was started; a piece of wood by the sideplate has been added. The toeplate is missing along with other parts more visible in the photos. This project will take alot of work but will be worth it for the collector or restorer.

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