SOLD SOLD Signed “C Welshanz” Conrad Welshantz, York, Pennsylvania ca 1800


Added on: June 29, 2020

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Product Description

SOLD Here is an extremely rare smooth rifle by one of York’s famous gunsmiths of the 18th century. Conrad, son of Jacob Welshantz, was active during the Revolution and supplied muskets for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He was in partnership with Philip Heckert and Peter Reisinger in a boring mill south of York. He sold his share to Martin Frey in 1801. Conrad died in 1827 aged 66 years.

This project is well worth spending the time and effort because of the rare signature and quality of the patchbox. The barrel was never cut back and remains at 43+ inches, the lock is original to the rifle and can be reconverted, and the mounts are original except for the toeplate. The maple has some curl. The patchbox is finely engraved as expected. This would make a nice rifle with good quality restoration. visit for other rifles and antiques.

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