Signed F A Thornhill, Franklin, Kentucky or Rockingham County, VA ca 1840


Added on: June 29, 2020

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Product Description

Many characteristics of this rifle relate to Rockingham County, Virginia. The tight curl to the thrigger guard, narrow sideplate, and 4-petal flower patchbox. However, Thornhill is not listed as a Virginia gunsmith. There is a Samuel A Thornhill listed as a gunsmith in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky in Shelby Gallien’s book Vol II. And a town outside Louisville is named Thornhill.

Pictured here as it came out of the family in southern West Virginia the rifle has some color added to the worn areas and looks much better. While not a fancy rifle it is all original down to the original ramrod and nicely signed. The barrel is 42.5 inches long with a .50 cal rifled bore. Visit for antique rifles and furniture.

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