Signed J Kline, Jacob Kline Sr. Capon Bridge, Hampshire County, (now) West Virginia ca 1840


Added on: May 14, 2023

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Product Description

Jacob Kline was a gunsmith in Hampshire County in the 1820’s. He trained his son Jacob Jr who moved to Ohio. Jacobs work is very rare and desirable. His rifles follow the Hampshire County style with few exceptions. This example has an unusual but attractive sideplate not seen on other rifles from the area. He also engraved 4-petal flowers on his patchbox lid that may indicate some relationship with George Glaze.

The barrel length is now 39.5″ and about .50 cal; a large bore for this period. A piece of wood has been restored at the toe, one restored between the lock and barrel tang, and a sliver on the forestock. The curly maple is a better grade and the surface contains great patina. This is a beautiful and rare example of the Hampshire County school.

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