Signed J Roop, Jacob Roop, Halifax, Dauphin County, PA ca 1820


Added on: March 22, 2020

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Product Description

Jacob Roop probably learned his trade in York County. He worked in Dauphin County around Harrisburg in the early 1800’s. By mid 1820’s he relocated to Roopsburg, Benner Township, Centre County. After 1840 he was in Indianna. This example of his work was made in Dauphin County. Jacob was recognized by the Agricultural Society of Centre County in 1826 for his rifle making ability.

Though not highly decorated, this rifle exhibits fine workmanship, excellent architecture, undisturbed finish, and pristine originality. The brass patchbox is nicely designed and engraved and is positioned perfectly on the butt stock. All metal mounts are original and in excellent condition. Even the ramrod appears to be original with a worm still attached.

The barrel is signed “J Roop” in block letters and is the original length; 43.5 inches. Original to the rifle, the lock could have been made by Roop and was converted to percussion during the 1830’s. The curly maple is superb with consistant grain throughout and with its original patina.

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