Signed “W Cole” William F Cole, Limestone County, Alabama, ca 1860


Added on: November 19, 2022

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Product Description

William F Cole is listed as a gunsmith in Liimestone County, Alabama as published in “Gunsmiths and Allied Tradesmen of Alabama” by Tom Kilgo and James Whisker. William was born in Tennessee in 1841, probably learned his trade there, and moved to Limestone County. Some details relate to Eastern Tennessee but the patchbox design, lid release, and stock architecture are probably his, and quite singular.

This example is stocked in walnut with well crafted iron hardware. The rifled barrel is 40 inches and about .50 cal with a buckhorn rear sight. The silver blade front sight is set into a slot in the barrel; another nice detail. There are no present day wood repairs or replacements and all mounts are original. The rifle recently came out of a very private collection in Birmingham. Few rifles are of Alabama make.

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