Unsigned, Possibly John Sherry, Beaver Township, PA ca 1840


Added on: October 15, 2023

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Product Description

Here is a neat rifle with highly figured curly maple and a beautifully pierced and engraved patchbox. Maryland characteristics are seen in the patchbox engraving and upper and lower plates; the finial is singular but well designed. It could be from Washington Co south of Pittsburgh. The wrist was cracked and repaired and the trigger guard, which is original to the rifle, was bent and needs to be straightened. The rifled barrel, about .36 cal is now 36″. The silver thumbplate is engraved with the following: Presented to Samuel Harbaugh by Henry H Wilson 1867. Both names appear in Kentucky during that time period. This is a nice looking rifle with great wood and patchbox; it has several silver inlays.

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