Unsigned William Shaver, Augusta County, VA ca 1830


Added on: June 29, 2020

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Product Description

William Shaver must have had a working relationship with Alexander McGilvray in Rockingham County, Virginia; many stylistic details are similar when comparing existing examples. Courtney Wilson, Gordon Barlow, Frank Sams and others have researched the Shaver riflemaking family to give us some insight. Visit for more information on the Shaver family and another example. This example is by far the most decorative known by William (or Daniel).

With minor restoration the condition is superb including the original surfaces. The barrel is 46 inches with a rifled .50 cal bore. The lock is original to the rifle as well as brass mounts. Interstingly the Shaver’s created several filed moldings on the front and rear extensions of their trigger guards. The Shaver rifles are bold, sturdy, interesting, artful, and have the feel of an an earlier era.

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