Antique French shotgun


Added on: June 22, 2022

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Product Description

Antique French double barrel shotgun

When I purchased it, it was broken at the wrist and part of the forestock was damaged. The wrist repair was done with barrel bedding compound and is sound. Also there is a bolt that goes from the trigger guard to the end of the long tang similar to a plains rifle and that adds stability. About half of the forestock and key were replaced. The twist barrels were browned. Nipples replaced.
It is 14 gauge, 35” barrels, 14” pull, 1.5” drop at the heel. It weighs 7lbs 14oz. The barrels are stout mainly the back 1/3. I have only shot it a few times and the bores appear good from what I could see. I had problems with the stock hitting my cheek since the stock is fairly straight, so I do have a sleeve pullover cheek pad to go with it. The barrels are marked “torus” which means twist. There are 2 other words I cannot make out. The is a mark with a crown also. On line it is identified as the mark from the Paris proof house for finished black powder guns. There is a problem with the right hand lock since the half cock notch is broken off and filed smooth. Maybe TIG welding would work to repair that. Since it is an antique I can make no guarantees about the safety of shooting it.

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