Six Pistols – $1,500 to $2,000 each

$2,000.00 $1,500.00

Added on: December 17, 2021

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Product Description

Six flintlock and percussion pistols.  The top pistol is quite possibly a Dutch dragoon.  Old-time crack repair through the butt.  2nd from the top appears to be middle eastern with exquisite carving and chiseled butt and side plate.  Great condition overall, but thumbpiece missing.  Barrel almost a foot long.  The 2nd from bottom is German (“WIRTZBURG” on top flat) also with beautiful carving and great designs on butt return, sideplate, entry thimble, and guard finial.  Barrel almost 10″ long.  Good condition (a few old wormholes) with letter and numbers stamped in butt behind lock mortise.   The 3rd from top is a double barrel with fine carving.  I’m sure it’s European, but the conversion from flint to percussion appears American.  Missing nose cap and one broken hammer.  The 3rd from bottom also converted, relief carved, horn nose cap, initials on lock plate.  The smaller pistol at the bottom is Italian with a few very old wormholes. 

$1,500 each for the small Italian pistol (I guessed Spanish earlier on this one), the percussion pistol with initials on the lock (likely French), and the large dragoon.  The other three (double barrel, middle eastern, and German) are $2,000 each.  Buy all six for $9,000! Thanks.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

John Fundukian

413 Hillcrest Ave.

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Phone: 313-886-3507