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Added on: December 3, 2019
Sold By Seabolt, Joseph E.

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Product Description

The blade pattern was taken from an18th Century English trade knife . The first one has a turned handle ,thru tang with an iron ferrule and endcap. Shaped and carved to resemble another period knife I’ve seen. These blades were shipped by the barrel full from England to be handled in the Americas by local craftsmen , this is the effect I was creating. The second has the traditional English square handle most are familiar with . Both trade knives are Handforged from 1084 carbon steel. The blades are 7” long , half tang secured with three iron pins …Handles are hardwood and painted with period mixed pigment colors the first layer is black with red over that . Both have been lightly aged. If you need a good all purpose knife look no further. As always no knife leaves my shop until it will shave hair. ***$250.00 each p.p.
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Joe Seabolt

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