Transitional Rifle


Added on: April 18, 2020

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Product Description

For offer is a transitional rifle built to represent the restocking of Germanic parts into a maple stock. A full range of photos is available under my profile listing.
The stock was shaped from a blank of hard curly maple and finished with aqua fortis, honey yellow stain, and True Oil. The shaping and carving are Germanic, simple, and robust. It has a 13 1/2” pull and 2 1/4” drop at the heel.
The Green Mountain barrel is 36” long, straight, and is .50 caliber rifled. It has light decorative engraving at both the breech an muzzle. The tang carries my finished piece number “34” And the top flat has the year of production engraved in Latin.
The off hand oblique flat has a brass inlay near the breech with my makers mark.
All mounts were either modified to suit my intent or were made by myself. The buttplate tang, rear rammer tang, and cheek inlay are all engraved. The rammer is capped and has a 8×32 threaded small end for cleaning tools.
The piece was built with the intent of representing a pre-Revolutionary restock of German jaeger parts into a simple but useful hunting rifle for which it should answer well.
Please look well at all of the photos. I am no master but enjoy the building and will continue to offer my creations as time allows. Once received a one week examination time is allowed before the sale is final.

You can reach me by email at “evangelistjefflore@hotmail.com