“Howdah” style pistol

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Added on: December 15, 2016
Sold By Robertshaw, David
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Product Description

This pistol was originally an Edward Middelton LX L No 3 shotgun, 12 gauge, original hardware & ram rod, overall length 19 inches, weight approximately 6 lbs. Barrels were cut down, locks and barrels cleaned up, nipple threads were dressed with new nipples installed, and restocked with walnut. All work was done by CLA artisan Dan Brawner of Lebanon, TN. Holster was custom made at a local saddle shop in Lancaster, Pa. Holster is a cross draw designed to be mounted on left side drawn by right hand. Definitely a shooter, I use 3F with either #6 or #4 shot. Edward Middleton was a Birmingham, England gun maker in the period 1855-1895. Price does not include shipping.

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david robertshaw

5050 oley turnpike rd

reading, PA