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Cory Joe Stewart Bag with Scott Sibley Horn, strap by Kris Polizzi and Nathan Allen Knife


Added on: March 30, 2024
Sold By Stewart, Cory J.

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Product Description

Hello everyone,
I am offering up a set featuring the work of 4 CLA artisans. The set includes a bag made by Cory Joe Stewart, a horn made by Scott Sibley, a strap made by Kris Polizzi and a knife made by Nathan Allen.
The particulars are:
The bag is made from barktanned raccoon hide and is trimmed with barktanned deer hide. The bag is 9 by 9 inches at its widest.
The strap is 49 inches at its longest but can be adjustable to be about 6 inches shorter.
The horn is 16 inches long including the applied antler tip and base plug.
The knife is 9 1/2 inches overall length with a 5 1/2 inch blade.
The set includes a copper vent pick, a cane measure that measures 60 grains of powder (I can adjust it for less if thats what you need) and a simple pan brush made from horse hair.
Please make note it is set up to be carried on the left side of the body.
I am asking $850.00 that price includes shipping and paypal is an option. Checks and money orders work fine too.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

Cory Stewart

Phone: 336-374-0518