Double beavertail Hunt


Added on: May 12, 2020

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Product Description

This double beaver tail bag is made of buffalo with a antique look and is lined with deer.The bag is hand sown with waxed linen and all edges are trimmed in leather and hand sown with waxed linen.The bag has a large pocket on the front for storage of patches, round balls,with a large pocket inside for addition storage.The compartment front and back on the double beaver tail inside are large for any additional storage you need.The shoulder strap is made of a cotton canvas two inches wide and hand dyed in walnut hulls the shoulder strap adjust with a hand forged buckles.$240.00 plus shipping.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

William Smith

8930 Bardstown Rd.

Elizabethtown, KY

Phone: 270-737-3597
Email: wsmithblackpowder@windstream.net