Early VA Shot Pouch (#20) and Powder Horn (#20) Sold Pending Funds


Added on: March 31, 2021

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Product Description

This outfit consists of a fancy tooled Early VA shot pouch and powder horn. This original Virginia shot pouch was documented by Wallace Gusler in the December 2009 Muzzle Blasts(pp. 4-8). The original one piece pouch is square at the bottom (although the corners look rounded due to use) and stitched up the sides with a very fine stitch very close to the edge. A divider that is open at the bottom serves as a welt between the front and the back of the bag. A pewter flap button is anchored to a stag horn button on the inside of the pouch. The stag horn button was covered by a round piece of leather that served to prevent the user’s hand from catching on the button. The flap extends approximately halfway down the front of the bag and has a slight beaver tail shape with a welted edge. I created my copy of the original using 3-4 oz vegetable tanned cowhide which I stained using aqua fortis to give a dark brown color. I normally use vinegar and iron as a stain on my bags which usually gives more of a blue-black color. This bag is approximately the same size as the original at about 7″ square. Just like the original, this pouch has a center divider as the welt and is stitched up the sides. I now make these bags using a welted flap just like the original. I maintained the same flap button attachment as the original with an internal horn button used as an anchor for the external pewter flap button. A leather cover is sewn over the internal button to prevent the hand from catching on it. I made this bag for myself for display purposes and never used it. The strap is currently 43″ top of bag to top of bag and may have a button hole cut to lengthen it about 4″. The horn is approximately 16″ around the outside curve not including the maple stopper. The maple base plug is approximately 2 7/16″ in diameter. The applied tip is white tail antler. A hand forged patch/utility knife is included as is a tin measure set. Be aware that there is a hairline crack down then center of the knife tang but the knife is perfectly serviceable and I am not actually charging for it. I believe the measure as part of the tin measure set will accommodate about 90 grs and I will calibrate as required. Contact me if interested at and mention pouch #20 and horn #20.

Mark Elliott

7061 Sunnyhill Dr.

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

804 746-8288

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