Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch (#48) with Multi-banded Powder Horn (#56)


Added on: March 31, 2021

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Product Description

Offered for sale is an embroidered diary case / shot pouch based on one shown on pages 34-37 of Jim Webb’s book on shot pouches and powder horns of Southern Appalachia. I made a few changes. I only put one extra layer of leather in the flap instead of the three of the original and only created one front pocket instead of the original two. This reduced the number of layers of leather I had to sew through to a max of five. I also used 2 oz veg tan cow hide instead of buckskin. I used 6 oz veg tan cow hide for the strap which is adjusted with a brass buckle. The bag is stained with vinegar and iron. That was done right after the parts were cut out. I like vinegar and iron because it is a traditional stain, It stains through and doesn’t wash out. I put a lot of Mink oil on the bag once it was all done and dried out. By the way, the bag finished up a little under about 7″ x 7″. The original was listed at 6 1/2″. The pouch was paired with a small southern multi-banded powder horn. The left handed horn carried on the right side is approximately 12″ around the outside curve, 10″ tip to tip (not including the stopper), with a base plug about 2.5″ in diameter. The base plug is Cherry, the tip is Axis deer antler, and the stopper is Black Walnut. The base plug is hollowed out about half it’s depth. There is also a small patch knife attached to the strap, but I am not charging for the knife. I just didn’t want to remove it and leave holes in the strap. If you are interested in this outfit or one like it, e-mail me at markelliottva@gmail.com and mention Pouch #48 and Horn # 56. Shipping is $20-$25 via USPS Priority Mail. I collect sales tax for VA residents.

Mark Elliott

7061 Sunnyhill Dr.

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

804 746-8288


See http://www.markelliottva.com for more information.