(SOLD) Haversack with Bark Tanned Flap Don’t Tread On Me motif


Added on: June 17, 2023
Sold By Dave Hasler

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Product Description

Haversack with Rustic Barked Tanned Flap and Don’t Tread On Me motif

A new haversack style/forage bag I handmade, “inspired” by the late 18th and early 19th century hunting accoutrement and decorated with hand painted artwork. The bag is from a vintage heavy wool blanket and fully lined with a double interior pocket. All hand-stitching done with natural linen and hemp beeswaxed thread. The flap is a rustic bark tanned deer leather retaining some of the hair. The Don’t Tread On Me motif features the rattlesnake design.
The bag measures 11×14 with an adjustable veg tanned strap and hand forged hardware.
This would make a wonderful addition for anyone into Muzzleloading…hunting…reenacting…or as a beautiful wall hanging decor.
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