(SOLD) Haversack with Royal Cypher and Brown Bess


Added on: September 16, 2023
Sold By Dave Hasler

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Product Description

Haversack with Veg Tanned Flap and Royal GR Cypher and Brown Bess motif

Here is a new haversack style/forage bag I handmade, “inspired” by the late 18th and early 19th century hunting accoutrement and decorated with a hand painted Royal GR Cypher and Brown Bess motif. My bags are based on a combination of both traditional / historic motifs and contemporary designs. The bag is made from a beautiful burnt orange windowpane checked wool colored fabric and fully lined with a double interior pocket. All hand-stitching done with natural linen and hemp beeswaxed thread.
The bag measures 11×14 with a 54” walnut hull dyed jute strap.
This would make a wonderful addition for anyone into Muzzleloading…hunting…reenacting…or as a beautiful art wall hanging decor.
Please note these are durable bags and the flap artwork is painted with permanent acrylics. They are strong enough to carry your personal items in the field.
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