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Added on: January 21, 2018
Sold By Fiorillo, Lawrence

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Product Description

This here is a plain hunting pouch made from two pieces of very soft bark tanned deerskin, and shown with an original horn. There is a piece of heavier bark tan across the upper back panel for reinforcement and to help the pouch to keep its shape. Hemp thread and a homemade linen strap is all there is. This hide is unstained. There is no pocket, no buckle and no welt, (I’ve used an un-welted pouch for 15 years and never had a stitch come loose). The strap is currently about 51-52”, it can be easily cut to size and re stitched together if need be. Included will be enough of the same hemp thread used to accomplish the task. This is a good size pouch at 6 ¾” wide by 8 ½” deep, and perfect for anyone looking to keep it simple and correct for any flintlock period pre 1840.

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Lawrence Fiorillo

1897 Goshen Tpke

Middletown, NY

Phone: 8453465480
Email: blackpowderpouches@yahoo.com