SOLD Vintage Coverlet Pouch with Red Trim


Added on: September 14, 2022
Sold By Jeffrey Gier

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Product Description

A vintage coverlet with the design extended into the flap. The flap is burnish goat and is lined. The bound edges are extremely narrow.

Measures 8”x 7 1/2” and has a bound interior pocket. Red rolled welts. Burnished goat leather back

Buckle is cast from an original and has the makers mark

$285 + $22 shiojng and insurance fees
Contact Shelly Gier at shellycamps1790@gmail.com

Both Jeff and Shelly are reenactors who began by creating items for themselves.  They attend many living history events a year.  In their free time they piddle around their farm where they make wines, ales, and fill their pantry with home-canned items.  They can be found hunting, trapping , and fishing.  Sometimes, they incorporate their trophies in their custom work.