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Virginia Style Bag with Horn


Added on: April 3, 2021
Sold By Stewart, Cory J.

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Product Description

This set was made by Cory Joe Stewart but features the work of other artisans. The horn was made by my friend Bob Boetger of Virginia. It was designed to be a screw tip horn but crack developed in the tip so I attached it permanently. The horn is 18 inches including the turned cherry plug. The bag is single pocket and is 6 inches by 10. The leather is from the remnants of a USPS carriers bag dated 1965. The beautiful strap was made by Kris Polizzi and the strap is adjustable by way of an old harness buckle. Asking $300.00 even, price includes shipping and paypal is an option

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

Cory Stewart

Phone: 336-374-0518