.54 cal Brass Barreled Rifle by Keith Casteel


Added on: June 24, 2022
Sold By Glenn Reeher
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Product Description

Elaborate and beautiful rifle by Keith Casteel.
The rifle features a 35-inch 54 cal brass barrel by Bill Large, octagon to 16-sided back to octagon with bands at transition. Sights are a rear buckhorn and decorative front with ivory inset. Overall length 50 inches, LOP 12.5 inches.
Lock is a British armory marked 1835 Manton flintlock. The cock, top jaw and lock plate are all highly engraved with animal/hunting themed inlays. As the lock plate has an internal frizzen spring, the entire surface is engraved and inlayed.
Stock is a nicely figured with both incised and raised carving. Metal to wood finish on the rifle is exceptional. There is wire inlay surrounding the engraved patchbox, as well as on the comb and fore of the long toe plate. The toe has two mother-of-pearl inlays and a very nice finial. Butt plate is engraved, with some discoloration in the brass around the heel. An inlay brass woman’s face adorns the cheek rest and just below is a bit of turned antler that holds a vent pick. The ram rod has a turned antler tip.
This rifle has been fired. There is some discoloration around the vent and a small scratch under the cheek, generally hard to see.
Includes the original fringed deerskin cover.

Glenn Reeher