.54 cal. Colonial Rifle


Added on: January 29, 2020
Sold By Lyles, Curt
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Product Description

Here’s a .54 cal. Colonial Rifle made by Jim Kibler and assembled, carved and engraved by Chuck Edwards. It has a 43″ swamped Rice barrel, Chamber’s Round Faced lock, 13 3/4″ LOP. This is a new gun and has been fired just enough to get it sighted in. The sights have not been filed or adjusted – everything is exceptional. $3250.00 plus shipping. If you have any questions you may call me at 574-825-9853 or email me at clram@bnin.net.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

Curt Lyles

13993 County Road 12

Middlebury, IN

Phone: 574-825-9853
Email: clram@bnin.net