.58 caliber Early North Carolina


Added on: June 27, 2022
Sold By Kevin Blevins
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Product Description

Just built , pattern after a early NC rifle attributed to Valentine Beck built in in 1765 in the early Moravian settlement.
42″ Rice .58 cal C-weight swamped barrel
Chambers early round face lock
Davis trigger set
All iron trimmed and finish in a charcoal grey
Sliding wood patch box
The carving is Celtic designed as many of longhunters being Welch and Scott
(Including my grandfather’s and great uncle’s)
Stocked in grade 4 to 5 curly hard maple
The stock is stained with a homemade mixture giving an aged maple reddish brown. The stock has been sealed with 15 coats of tung oil.
The length of pull is 13&3/4″ she weighs about 7.5 pounds
I believe this is a good repensentaton of the pre-revolnionary NC longrifle from 1760 to 1780 time frame
Thank you for taking the time to look and consider my work
Kevin Blevins
Phoenix Mountain Flintlocks