American Classic Fowler by Thom Frazier


Added on: June 16, 2020
Sold By Thom Frazier

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Product Description

This fowler is based on a Griffin profile 20 ga. (.62 cal.) 42 in. Colerain barrel. It has a Davis “Twigg” lock. The stock is a cm 4 grade maple with nice figure.
Total Length is 57 1/2 in
Trigger reach is 13 7/8 in
Weight is 10 lb.
It has a rear sight and silver front sight
The stock has carving in front and rear of the trigger guard, rear of the tang and entry pipe,and upper and lower fore stock.
This gun shoots patched round ball and shot very well.
Patch boxes are rare on fowlers but not unheard of.
Contact Thom Frazier:
218-385-2074 or mnthom@arvig.net

Thom Frazier has built rifles, fowlers and pistols since 1978 for reinactors and hunters of the 1750-1850 period.
With a focus on quality parts, and period correct styles he has maintained the highest level of value in colonial American firearms.
Thom will build your flint lock to your specifications, and has rifles, fowlesr and pistols per built for shipment
Rifles, and fouler are in the $2,000 price range and pistols are in the $1,500 price range plus shipping and insurance.
Thom is a founding member of the American Long Rifle Association (# 13) and an active member of American Mountain Men (#1888).
Contact Thom at mnthom@arvig.net or 218-385-2074