Comtemporary Long Rifle


Added on: April 20, 2019
Sold By Ronald Luckenbill

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Product Description

Early transitional rifle after the Moravian style at Christian Springs as executed by Warren, Ohio, gunmaker Michael McHugh. Curly maple stock, .50 cal. straight Rice barrel, hand reamed by John Kleihege, hand rifled by Bill Hoover, gain twist rifling, 1 turn in 68” at the breech to 1 turn in 34” at the muzzle. Silver wire inlay after the style of Christian Oerter. Additional wire inlay on fore end of stock. Wooden patch box after the style of Andreas Albrecht. Carving after the style of Andreas Albrecht. Raised carving of the lion has eyes of copper, tongue of brass, fangs of silver, and claws of bone. Cheek piece and the Moravian star after the Oerter style. Custom flintlock. Davis triggers.

2017 Gunmakers Hall Raffle Rifle

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Ronald Luckenbill

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