SOLD- Custom Vincent Style .36 caliber Percussion by Dale Nincehelser


Added on: September 3, 2019
Sold By Roderick Dahl

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Product Description

Sold- Custom Vincent style Percussion rifle in .36 caliber by Dale Nincehelser. This is exceptionally good looking rifle with lots of German Silver Inlay & mounts. This rifle shoots as good as it looks. The details of the rifle are below. Price is $2100 shipped which includes a wooden crate I will build to ship it in.
Build Specs-
Grade 5 Sugar Maple Stock
Chambers mountain lock
L&R double set triggers
42” Colerain 13/16” 36 caliber barrel w/radius round bottom rifling
All German Silver mounts & inlay
Dual end hickory ramrod
Length of pull 13 3/8”

Rod Dahl