Early Lancaster


Added on: November 20, 2021
Sold By Kevin Blevins

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Product Description

Just finished
.45 caliber 44″Rice Jacob Dickard profile swamped barrel with match rifling
Davis colonial lock
Modify Davis trigger set
Modify Davis trigger set
Hand sand cast butt plate and trigger guard
All brass work was highly polished and given an antique patina
All inlays are German silver
Stocked in grade 5 sugar maple
Sliding wood patch box
Nicely line carved (around 10′)
Stock is stained in an antique maple color with brown under tones oiled with Danish and Tung oil
All iron and steel was rolled in charcoal to gray then allowed to begin browning then carded and sealed with linseed oil giving a slight beginning to brown naturally look
Thank you for taking the time to look and consider my work
Kevin Blevins
Phoenix Mountain Flintlock’s