Early Virginia Rifle


Added on: January 9, 2022
Sold By Kevin Blevins

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Product Description

New build
.66 caliber 46″ Rice custom swamped barrel
Davis trigger set
Chambers early Virginia lock
Iron trimmed
Stocked in ash with nice figure in the butt and some curl through the stock.
Nothing fancy just a good representation of a pre-Revelationiary Virginia longrifle from the late 1750s until the early 1770’s
The iron was finished in charcoal grey beginning to brown. I finished the stock with multiple colors wearing through to give a well maintained and kept antique look. There’s some line carving down the ramrod channel to the rear of the entry pipe tail as well as the bottom of the butt stock and cheek.
This rifle is extremely stead and balanced off-handed , weighs just under 9pounds.
I’m very happy with the presentation of this early piece.
Thank you for your interest and consideration of my work,
Kevin Blevins
Phoenix Mountain Flintlock’s