Eister style rifle by Ron Scott


Added on: October 22, 2020

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Product Description

Exceptionally nice Eister styled rifle by noted CLA artist Ron Scott. .54 caliber. Unfired except for Ron test firing. Color case hardened lock and charcoal blue on the barrel. Blueing is getting a bit mottled, but shows very well. Ron used an original Eister Rifle as a model. It is estimated to have been made about 1790 in York County Pa. The use of multiple scores in the patch box and toe plate are somewhat unique to Eister. Of note is the side plate that is not inlet fully to the wood surface and has no bevel. The patch box release is unique in being a rectangle rather than a round button. The push rod to the box is L shaped with two odd angles. The lever that engages the box latch swivels on a screw and is counter balanced by a separate spring. The butt plate has a lobe which closes the end of the domed patchbox lid. The patchbox is made up out of .064 brass to give is rigidity.

The 54 caliber swamped barrel was made by Ed Rayl, with a twist of 1/66 inches. Ron chose a Chambers Dale Johnson Lock as best suited for this project. The Butt Plate, Trigger Guard and Ramrod Pipes were castings created by Jim Kibler. Ron scratch made the side plate, toe plate and patchbox. The stock blank is sugar maple from Harrison Gun Stocks In Bradford TN. The carving is pretty close to the original. Where details were lacking and wear prevented adequate viewing, Ron made his best estimate. Asking $6,500 shipped to the lower 48, or available for in person pick up in SW Wisconsin. Zip 53507. email: cell: 608-712-0717. I screen my calls, so please leave a message and I will call you back.

Brent English is a private collector that buys and sells the occasional long rifle and other related items, both contemporary and antique. He has been a life member of the NMLRA since 1980 and a CLA member for several years. Email: Cell: 608-712-0717