JAMES TURPIN Left hand squirrel rifle


Added on: June 19, 2020
Sold By James Turpin

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Product Description

Great 36 cal. “Southern ” style squirrel rifle by James Turpin. This gun has a 38 inch Green Mountain “A” swamped barrel, a modified and engraved L and R “Manton” Hard sugar maple stock, Davis triggers, And all iron mounts are hand hammered out of sheet {steel}. This gun also has a poured pewter nose cap , proper drop and off set for the left hand shooter. This is a hand made gun and not built from a kit so you will have a one of a kind piece. 13 and 3/4 inch pull for the average shooter. Gun has been test fired for mechanical function and works great. Shipping is at cost only, no packaging or handling fee,s. Shipping is from $45.00 to $ 65.00 depending on location and price from KC area. Please e mail us for more info. at turpins@everestkc.net

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information: at info@primitiveartsvideo.com

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