Longrifle by Allen Martin

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Added on: January 1, 2020
Sold By Frank Schroeder
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Product Description

Made in 2012 by Allen Martin, a .50 caliber flint rifle after a York County rifle by Martin Fry. Forty five and one half inch Hoyt swamped barrel, reworked large Siler lock, curly maple stock, brass nose cap, sideplate and 4 ramrod pipes, brass pierced engraved patchbox. Nicely executed relief carving, engraved toeplate. Rifle is minimally “aged”, is very smooth to handle and comfortable to shoulder. This rifle has been a safe queen with less than 100 rounds fired, and has been well-cared for. It has good ignition and a coned flash hole. The rifle weighs 8lb.1.6oz., length of pull approx. 13.25 inches. Appearance is like new. If you are looking for a fine flint rifle without the pretty penny bite of a new rifle , this is for you. Contact Frank at PRICE REDUCTION- see sale price $6900