Randy Grunkemeyer Fowler


Added on: April 29, 2020

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Product Description

About the Fowler;
This is a beautiful unfired handmade Randy Grunkemeyer Fowler. This is a single barrel, 44″ in length, octagon shaped at the breech transitioning to a round taper providing smooth handling and balance. The fowler has brass hardware and is stocked in American black walnut with a hand rubbed oil finish. It has early style checkering in the wrist with carvings in the tang and rear thimble area. The front spider sight is cast from silver and inlaid in the barrel.
About me;
As a collector for the past 45 years, I will be placing various accoutrements up for sale over the next few months. I’ll place photo’s up on the site of these various treasures and if you would like additional pictures or details, please do not hesitate to email me at; eroy1520@gmail.com. For payment, I have a PayPal account or will take cashiers checks.

Thank you for your interest,

I began my journey with the Love and study of our American History in the 60’s. One of those boys wearing coonskin hats and carrying a toy flintlock as they watched their favorite hero, Fess Parker as Daniel Boone. Later, my career took me out west and for a number of those years, I began collecting my accouterments and competed in various long rifle competitions and rendezvous’ s. I found my way back to northern Michigan and have lived my dream as one of the interpreters at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac for the past 10 years, meeting hundreds of visitors and sharing the same love of our country’s history and 18th century colonial living as I do. My collection is rather large and its time to bring out my trading blanket so others may enjoy what I’ve collected.

Thank you,
E. Roy
Traverse City, Michigan
231.944.3156 cell