S/N 98 – BIG Susquehanna buck-n-ball gun, ca. 1820 – SOLD

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Added on: April 28, 2017
Sold By Brent Gurtek
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This piece has a .75 caliber smooth bore barrel, 46 ” long, octagon-to-round, from Track of the Wolf. (The breech is at least 1.25″, flat-to-flat.) Maple stocked with reproduction M1795 U.S. musket lock which I believe is by Pedersoli.
The gun weighs 10.0 lbs but, to me anyway, balances nicely. Most of the sheet metal parts I made up from stock but the t’guard and butt plate are from Track. Don’t consider this gun unless you’re looking for a big smooth bore or have some weird size-means-everything complex – preferably both.

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Brent Gurtek

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