Benjamin Warner Pattern Knapsack

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Added on: July 15, 2020

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Product Description

Benjamin Warner Pattern Knapsack. Closely based off one of the few surviving examples of an American made & carried knapsack dated to the 1770’s. Benjamin Warner served in the 2nd Connecticut Reg. and carried a knapsack similar to this through the War.

Our version measures 16 1/2″ wide 15 1/2″ tall on the outside and has been totally hand cut & sewn inside and out. The outer fabric has been made of fustain (50% cotton 50% linen) with a full lining of 100% pure linen. All the sewing has been done by hand with heavy linen thread. The pack carries 4 of our hand forged iron buckles. The 2 shoulder straps are fixed in place with an adjustable center chest strap. 3 leather straps secure the pack closed. All leather straps have been reinforced with leather on the interior of the pack. All leather has been treated with period correct dye. The front and flap of the knapsack has been treated with paint to help water proof the pack. The color of paint is the correct “Spanish brown” (dark red) as originals but is modern paint as period paint with break down and become useless after a few years. The paint does have the correct look and feel of the period paint. We can do paypal or credit card. **FREE SHIPPING** if located with in the lower 48.

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