Stocking Stuffers – Early Black Powder Friday Items For Sale


Added on: November 20, 2022

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Product Description

Stocking stuffers for flint lock shooters. Each “Stuffer” is a set including 1 round ball bag and 1 (2-flint) wallet. Items are made from vegetable tanned cowhide and are completely hand sewn using linen cord. Each set is slightly different as they are hand made. Hand burnished and treated with 100% pure neatsfoot oil.
Group A – all are dyed using nitrate of iron dye.
Group B – lighter or natural, medium brown, darker brown, and grey, also using nitrate of iron dye.
You can use these to organize your shooting pouch or put in your pocket and you are ready to go hunting. I put 2 flints, 2 leather flint pieces, a couple of patches and a small bird feather to clean the touch hole in mine.
Price is $35 (shipped) in the lower 48 please.
Thank you for looking.
Note: Group B – bottom ball pouch (dark brown) has been sold, however, I have another dark brown “set” available. Also, upper right med. brown “set” sold, but have another one as well.

Doug Swartz

7674 N. DeWitt Rd

St. Johns, Michigan 48879

land line 989-224-2007 best time after 4:00 p.m.