Cased flint holster pistol with antique barrel

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Added on: July 2, 2019
Sold By Brewer, John R.

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Product Description

Flint holster pistol with antique Turkish barrel. Letters “GC” in gold in two places on the barrel. Brass castings by York. Extensive silver wire work and inlays. Barrel is 62 cal and 14” long. Some of the engraved details worn. on the barrel. Has a Davis lock. Figured English walnut stock, horn tipped ramrod with a steel worm. The touch hole is slight off the center in the liner because of a glitch when I was fitting the barrel into the stock. It has been fired about a dozen times.
The case is cherry with a silver flower and wire work inlay on the top of the case. Silver wire inlay on the upper front edge of the case. Case includes an oil bottle, antique turn screw, antique bullet mold, antique small flask with dents and some seam problems but nice looking, cleaning rod with English walnut and fake ivory turned knob handle, key, bullets, and a powder measure. More pictures available. Mailing and insurance extra.

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